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Attractions in Phuket Thailand

by Sck
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Author: scott riefler

Phuket Thailand has many attractions one can discover either on day trips or longer. The Beaches are by far the biggest attraction to Phuket because it has many beaches for one to explore. You can keep yourself busy all year round with the many attractions in Phuket other than just the beaches however.

Taking day trips can be a lot of fun. I have rented long tail boat and gone to the many different islands that are about thirty minute boat rides from the many different piers on island. It’s not hard to find a long tail boat as even many of the beaches have them lined up just off shore. A day trip is very inexpensive and will remind you of a time when life was simple and uncomplicated.

Rubber tree plantations are plentiful on the island and watching and learning how locals make latex from the rubber trees is educational as well as interesting. This age old tradition can also be viewed at night where the Thais find it cooler to work at night or work it as a secondary or night job to supplement their income.

Taking a sea canoe off the eastern part of Phukets calm waters to go cave exploring can be a fun way to get a little extra sun as well as a good workout. There are many little islands, coves and caves to explore with a canoe off Phuket’s east coast and water is tranquil and turquoise blue.

The island offers many shows also like monkey shows and snake shows. Many bus tours will take you to the caves in Phang Ngn bay and to visit James Bond Island. Another famous day trip is a boat ride out to Phi Phi Island for the day. I find this boat ride rather boring but I have made the trip many times so now I am partial.

If you enjoy Thai boxing, there are several places you can go and watch Thai boxing and even train with the young men. I personally enjoy watching a fight every now and again. The action is real, not staged and the hype is almost as good as wrestling on TV. There is Thai boxing in almost every small town in Phuket.

For those who enjoy the nightlife in Phuket there is none better then that found in Patong Beach. The town has many discos and a nightlife like no place else in the world. Patong has been voted the number one nightlife spot my several men’s magazines. The many beer bars and night spots can be fun to explore is a relaxed and laid back attitude one would expect to find in the islands of the Andaman Sea.

If you find you want to get away from the average tourist hangouts, Phuket town can offer some interesting shows and live entertainment. It even has some great festivals like vegetarian festival and Chinese New Year’s.

I have now lived on the island for several years and grown to call Phuket Home. The island is more than just a great tourist destination; it’s a great place to live.

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