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Making the Most of Information Product Marketing

by Sck
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Author: Fred S Gleech

I’m Fred Gleeck, and in my 25 years in Information Marketing I’ve learned that marketing information products is equal parts ART and SCIENCE. When you’re in (or trying to break into) the field of information product marketing, there are many areas to be addressed. In my seminars and workshops I teach that promotion of any product is dependent upon addressing all of these areas thoroughly in order for your product to find a maximum audience.
First and foremost, it is imperative for an info product marketer to have a website. Without a website, you have no place to tell people about your product or service and convince them to buy. You must also have a system to run the “back-end” of your business. I use a program called WebMarketing Magic. It takes care of the essentials that every information product marketer must have, including a shopping cart, an auto-responder system, a device to track your advertising, a client management system, and a number of other essentials.
Information product marketing also requires that you have a product to service or sell. This could be anything from an ebook to an audio or video, a teleseminar, or anything else where you would share your knowledge and expertise with others. So there you have it, the three essentials you must have: a website, a system to sell information, and the info products themselves.
The art of the business is different. By art, I refer to the small and distinctive touches that you add to your information marketing business. In my own case, I provide people insight into myself and my life via regular emails. Information marketers often forget that they are dealing with real people and not robots. Those real people who buy from you want to know a little bit about who you are and what you’re about.
I will also, on occasion, call people on the phone who order my information products. They are often shocked when I do this. As one who has been in the information product marketing business for awhile, I know this is rare. These last two items, sending out regular emails with personal details and calling people who order, fall under the “art” category. Not many info product marketers do this, and it makes you different, unique, and real.
Anyone who is in the business of marketing and selling info products would be well advised to understand that the business is BOTH an art and a science. Keep that in mind as you put your own information product marketing business together. It will serve you well to do so.

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Fred Gleeck is a well-known and highly-esteemed information marketer. He creates markets and sells  books ,  ebooks , audios, videos, seminars and software to a variety of niche markets. Fred has been in the information marketing business for over 25 years.

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