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Network Security Tips

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Network security tips

network security tips

  • Make sure you have a security policy in place -— The security policy is the formal statement of rules on how security will be implemented in your organization. A security policy should define the level of security and the roles and responsibilities of users, administrators and managers.
  • Make sure all of your operating systems and applications are patched with the latest service packs and hotfixes -— Keeping your systems patched will close vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.
  • Keep an inventory of your network devices -— Develop and maintain a list of all hardware/software components, and understand which default software installations provide weak security configurations.
  • Scan TCP/UDP services -— Turn off or remove unnecessary services. Unneeded services can be the entry point attackers use to gain control of your system.
  • Establish a strong password policy -— Weak passwords could mean a compromised user account.
  • Don’t trust code from non-trusted sources.
  • Block certain e-mail attachment types -— This list includes .bas, .bat, .exe and .vbs.
  • Don’t provide more rights to system resources than necessary -— Implement the concept of “least privilege”.
  • Perform your own network security testing -— Find the holes before the attackers do!
  • Implement “defense-in-depth” -— Don’t rely on just one control or system to provide all the security you need.

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