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India and quality-consciousness

by Ann
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It seems that as 20th century brought downfall for the British empire,21 will bring for the U.S.A..While 21century will also give rise to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies. Particularly Chindia (China+India), these countries have drawn attention for various other countries successfully. Many countries like America and Australia have started giving preference to these countries due to many reasons. The first and foremost reason among all is availability of cheap labour. Other reasons are favorable climate, easy availability of man-power, favorable rules and regulation etc. Then why mentality that foreign goods are good and possess better quality is still prevailing. Sometimes domestic merchandizes face identity crisis and alienation. What makes people believe that Indian goods are not up to the mark? What makes Indian products cheap over produces of others? Is it quality that makes the difference? 

Answer to above mentioned last question is yes. It is the quality that distincts her products from others. India rich country made of poor people. More than 30%of her population lives below poverty-line. No doubt that middle class has shown some progress over the last decade but that is not true measure the condition of a country as whole. Then what all companies will do to get its cost down to cater to Indian markets and for their own survival in it? Either they will have to give less quantity for more price or they will have to compromise with quality. And most of the times later viewpoint is adopted. Moreover, the population of India manifolds day by day, so that natural resources have to be used very carefully. We will have to serve to a large demand with very little resource in our hand. These all restrains do not indicate that India is unable to produce top-quality goods, but these top-quality goods can be consumed by a handful of people. So what about others? The middle-class that is forms very large part can not go for it. There is no other option available to them but to buy low quality goods. 

But now - a - days, people demand well-qualitative goods for cheaper rate. This is possible with the help of latest technological innovations and globalization. China is number one exporter to the U.S.A. due to its cheaper rate and good quality. No doubt India will see these trends as now India has opened door for globalization. But it will take sometime to improve. 


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