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Rhub Remote Support Products

by Sck
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Author: Prabir Sen

RHUB Remote Support products provide your remote client with support services, taking full control of the remote computer, diagnosing the faults in the system, and providing solutions. Remote services are generally provided to such organizations where internal resources are limited, and need fast recovery of their computer systems and networks. RHUB remote support system takes control of your computer, and finds out the fault in the system, and remotely provides the correct solution to rectify the fault.  RHUB Remote Service system provides the means to set up remote connectivity with the customer’s computer, and establish a remote session in diagnosing the faults in the remote computer system. The service provider takes control of the remote computer, and if required may re-boot the computer. As and when the computer gets booted it automatically joins the remote service session for further investigations.  With RHUB Remote Service systems, your call capacity could increase substantially. The system would help you to resolve your customer remote system issues, and also reduce incident handling time. RHUB Remote Service means drastic cut in costs, along with the speed with which you can start a service session with your client’s computer system. It provides you with unattended remote support, and in order to enable a full unattended capability, all RHUB Remote Service products are available with full functions of RHUB remote access appliance.  RHUB Remote Service systems let you take control of the remote computer as soon as the attendee joins your support session. It lets you view and control the remote computer right away, the moment a confirmation is received from the attendee of the remote computer. The attendee may leave the computer on service session, leaving it unattended while doing other jobs. The entire session can be recorded and can be submitted to the client and also kept for audit purposes.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/video-conferencing-articles/rhub-remote-support-products-489006.html

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