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Lower Your Handicap Quickly and Easily

by Sck
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by Ben Throckmorton

You can lower your handicap quickly and easily by taking action on the following information.

The moment of truth… the most harrowing time in all of golf….you stand over that three foot putt for par to win the hole and the match. Your mouth is dry, your hands tighten, and… many of you make a fast jerky stroke with no confidence and worse yet, you miss the putt costing your side the hole and the match.

Whew! I began to perspire just writing that passage.

Why is it that one of golf’s shortest and arguably “easiest” shots can strike fear into the heart’s of most players?

Is it because that a short putt counts the same as the 260 yard drive you just hit or the 150 yard approach shot?

Is it because we put more emphasis on the putt with it being the defining moment on most holes?

Is it because most players never practice these putts?

Maybe it’s a little bit of all of these reasons but more importantly I think it’s because missing short putts is just completely embarrassing. Putting requires no physical strength or prowess and “anybody” should make a 3 footer regardless of age, strength, or skill level…right? Anybody can do it! My nine year old daughter Anna can make them time after time. So why does anyone miss them?

I want you to go over in your mind your last 5 rounds. be truthful to yourself. Over the course of your last 5 rounds, how many shots could you have saved had you made all your putts from 5 feet in? I’m going to venture a guess and say most of us would save at least 4-5 shots per round by doing nothing else but sinking those tiny putts. That might be a conservative number for mid to high handicappers and beginners but even so, it’s still significant.

Would you like to save 5 shots per round and lower your handicap significantly? Of course you would… and I’m going to give you a drill right now that will make you the best short putter in your club. This drill is not hard to do but like anything else, it does require effort and discipline and it will work for you if you will use it as I describe!

You can and will become a better short putter, take the pressure off your golf swing and lower your handicap!Work on the following drills each week and you will see a dramatic improvement in your short putting.

As most of you know who have read my instructional pieces or who have purchased one or both of my instruction series, I am a stickler for good alignment and no where is good alignment more important than when you’re facing a 3 - 5 foot putt.

Having said that, here’s what you need to do…

Get yourself a pointer. You can use anything straight that you can lay on the ground to show you the line.

Pick a hole on the putting green that is flat for 5 feet around and lay the pointer on the ground parallel to the center of the hole. Grab a handful of balls and start 2 feet from the cup, making sure that the face of your putter is square to the target line. Using the pointer as a guide, you can easily check your alignment on each putt.

Monitoring your alignment constantly, make 25 two footers in a row. If you miss before you make 25 in a row, start over at 1!

Once you’ve made 25 in a row from 2 feet, move the pointer back from the hole and make 25 in a row from 3 feet. Again, check your alignment constantly and if you miss before making 25 in a row, start back at 1. This self induced pressure will aid you greatly the next time you have a 3 footer to win a match!

Repeat this process moving backwards in 1 foot increments. This drill will not only lower your handicap but also take pressure off your golf swing.

Each time you work on your putting, which I hope is often, start this procedure over at 2 feet and work your way to 5 feet or as far as your practice time will allow.

A little practice and a little discipline will improve your putting tremendously, take pressure off your golf swing and lower your handicap!

About the Author

Ben Throckmorton is one of the brightest new faces in the world of golf instruction.

You’ll enjoy Ben’s dynamic style of instruction but more importantly, you’ll love the improvement you see on your scorecard after your next round. The Golf Swing Secret will Lower Your Handicap guaranteed.


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