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Tips on Managing Time for Yourself

by Sck
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Author: Eddie Hudd

Between kids, work, traffic, deadlines, love, schedules and everything else that goes on in life, it can sometimes be hard to see through all of the commotion and take some time for yourself. It is so important for folks to calm down and take a breather in order to take a better assessment of the life that is going on around them. Stress and anxiety can be greatly reduced by taking yourself out of a situation, taking a look around, and being able to truly appreciate what you value in your life. Being able to change your perspective can also make you more productive professionally, mentally, and socially. Learning how to manage your time so that you have time for yourself is essential to your well being.

When you sit down to do your schedule for the week, block out two hours for yourself. Go see a movie, which is actually a very enjoyable solo practice, get a manicure or pedicure, or treat you to a massage. Try to pick an activity, and a time, where you can turn off your cell phone and relax. Take the time to leave all of your work, and all of the things that are weighing on your mind, and leave them at the door for a couple of hours. Do not be that person who is trying to get their toes done with a laptop sitting on your knees, trying to type furiously and not paying attention to being pampered.

Another good stress reliever is exercising although, if you are somebody who dreads going to the gym, or even having to lift groceries out of the car, this may well be a more stressful activity than you would like to take on. If working out is not in your daily regime, and you do not belong to a gym, try to walk around the block a few times. You can also go to a local park and do a couple of laps. It might sound like an easy thing, but fresh air can make you feel like a different person. The workout part, which improves circulation and blood flow, can make you feel more energetic, but just the fact of getting away from the mayhem can in itself make your mind clearer.

Many folks have children, and as much as we would like to have the extended family, many of us do not. After a long day at work, it can be next to impossible to come home and release stress when you are faced with more people putting demands on you. For the lone parent, there is no respite whatsoever since some things just have to be done. As crazy as it may sound, taking five minutes in your room or outside, albeit to count to ten, helps in more ways than you could ever imagine. Kids are defenseless and they want to soak up what remains of your time, energy, and attention as much as they can. They have a difficult time understanding concepts like waiting, headaches, pending conference calls, and overall weariness. Take a second for yourself so that you can go over what you need to be completed and spend quality time, not quantitative time, with your family,

Many people would cringe at the thought of managing their social life, but the benefits of pencilling in time with your friends or loved ones can pay off.  They will appreciate seeing you and having your full attention as much as you will value being able to get a nice block of time in the social area.  Having a strong social life is more important than working, because the whole point of a job is to be able to get those things that we want and part of that is having more time to hang out with your friends.

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