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Schedule Your Routine

by Sck
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Author: Chandrakant Machhi

Thanks to Vaishali who inspired me to write this article. She is very different kind of girl and enjoys in forcefully remembering all her cultural programs so that she will not a loose a chance to do a fast for the day. Actually people enjoy their fast by preparing varieties of foods and something different taste from regular bread or chapatti. But she is all different kind only eating wafers or two bananas.  Her immune system was also not so powerful to pull all days load on these just few drops of calories.
So I thought there is necessity for everyone to understand their inertia and plan their regular activities as well as food habits. I am not going to talk about food habits as I am not a food specialist or a doctor. A good physician can guide you what food habits you need to adopt and what combination of vitamins, fats and calories you should keep in your whole day food. I want to share with you your regular habits and your regular routine.
Before starting a line, I would like to pinpoint a line which is from you and my all religion; “Early to Bed, early to Rise” helps in perfect stability of your mind. Plan your sleeping schedule very carefully. If you are doing a first shift job, then going to bed at around 11 pm is always good as you can complete all your rest of days stuff after dinner. It may be, like taking lessons of your daughter, reading newspapers, watching news or “Kyonki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” serial, reading novels. Idea is to participate in activities which interests you and which are always inside your artistic mind. In this way, you can always keep your interest always live into your heart which will otherwise get buried in your whole day workload.  Also this time is best to build up yourself for what you was all time interested in since your childhood or a hobby that you have just brought up in your life. This will definitely improve your skill sets and live your hobbies. Especially I would love to read my Engineering concepts or try something new innovative toward what I work.
Doing a thing of your interest before a hour or so of your sleep, helps you to remove all tense of the day and enjoy a relaxed and calm sleep. Not remembering that you had a dream in night when you were asleep is a good sign of deep sleep.
Then in the start of the day, it is most important to schedule your waking time. A good router will always get awaked by his/her destined time. If you will say that 5 or 6 am is the most sacred time to start with your regular routine then try to maintain this habit and eventually you will see a lot of difference in how easily you can manage your time. Most of managers or developers find it difficult to manage their time to finish their activities on time. This will definitely help them to be with time and keep challenge on their toes to finish their daily tasks as per their daily scrum.
In the morning, as you get up, finish your brushing and from loo. Have a good amount of water before eating anything else. This will help you to clean up and catalyze your body.  After few minutes you can start with exercise. At least 10 or 15 minutes of gymnasium is vital to help keeping your body rotating, and to feel you healthy and active throughout the day. You can set this timing as per your availability of the time for the day. It can be Yoga or something else if you are practicing it. Once you finish your exercise, kneel down for 3-4 minutes in relaxation (if you know yoga, I am referring to shavasana).
Have a bath and then breakfast. Now, you are like a fresh flower ready to bloom.  Breakfast should be full of calories and vitamins. You can refer to different websites over the net to know how to plan your breakfast. But my aim is to notify you that keep your breakfast heavy so that it supplies your need of vitamins and calories and enrich your power. While kick starting your daily work you will fill like catalyzed and more concentrated toward work. Your life is a gift for you and it is your duty to pull best out of it. You should be enchanted towards your aim and always ready to march one step ahead to achieve your target. If you know who you are and what are you doing you will enjoy the beauty of life. Swami Vivekananda says,” If you do not come across a problem in a day, then it is sure that you are going in a wrong direction”.
The effect will be on your performance and the quality of the work as output. Take a break in afternoon for your lunch. Sometime it is more effective as a part of your diet to take little food in 2-3 intervals of time.
Finish your daily tasks as per schedule and also chock out plan for tomorrow so that you are prepared for what is coming tomorrow. Analyze your day work completed before leaving for the day. You should know perfectly well what are areas where you can improve and identify scope for new horizon. After you are out from the office, if you are not a local train passenger, then you freak out some time with your friends or on the play ground to enjoy some good moments.
Dinner at night should be light. This is just to energise you from the day’s regression.
Now to cover the first point that I have started with but was not the topic of discussion, fasting for 1 day or 2 in a month is definitely bonus. If you have planned your dieting very well, then you can plan for a day or two in a month to provide rest to your digestion system. People who goes for a fast for religious purpose, I request you to go through all these aspects so that you can be able to do complete justice with your own body. After all Health is Wealth and you must plan for this your treasure!

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About the Author:
Chandrakant Machhi
B-Tech I.T.
Sr. Software Developer (Greytrix India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai)

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