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How to Double Your Life Span?

by Sck
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Author: Abbas Shareef

Have you ever wished that you could live forever? Be able to fulfill all your life-long dreams in “wonderland.” Well, no one can tell you you will live forever. Let’s focus on what we can do to make a difference in our lives.  I made my own inspirational quote. “Don’t wish for a longer life, make your life longer.” We all have an “X” number amount of years to live. We have limited control over our lifespan. Our daily lifestyle including food and exercise habits can contribute to determine our “RIP date.” My quote is a motivational quote with a deep meaning (some may say). It means that if we spend time to reflect on our lives, we can learn to value each second. Think of how much you can accomplish when you are able to value each second of your life? To acknowledge that each breathe is your life! That’s really something to think about for everyone. Putting value to each moment of our lives can lead to a hardworking life. Thus, you may accomplish overwhelmingly more than the average person (maybe even two or three times more!) And that is what I mean by doubling your life span.  Once again, for those who want to double their life span, it may help to value each moment of life. And remember, “Don’t wish for a longer life, make your life long.”
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