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How To Teach Children To Read

by Sck
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readingWith the advent of so many new modes of entertainment, things like good reading habits seem to be passé. If you want your child to develop this wonderful habit you need to serve it in front of him not as a compulsion but as an entertainment.

You can try the following points to inculcate good reading habits in your children.

  • Rather than forcing them to read what you think is right, initially let them choose what they want to read and eventually introduce the books you think are right also.
  • Reading along with them or aloud to them can be another good idea.
  • Starting as early as your baby would start recognizing the pictures in the book is another helpful idea.
  • There are a lot of baby books available in the market. Choose the one for your baby which is brightly colored, has big, attractive pictures and is easy to hold.
  • At this age, choosing books with lesser words and more of pictures is better. Just hand it over to him and let him explore it whichever way he wants to.
  • Kids get fascinated by fairytale books which have pop-ups, different textured pictures and flaps to be lifted. .
  • Once your child starts pre-school and learns to recognize some words, you can introduce him to books with very short stories written in bold letters and illustrated with pictures.
  • To little older children, you can get books which have games that teach numbers, alphabets, dates, knowing the clock.
  • Remember that all such things should be very colorful and illustrated with a lot of diagrams and pictures to keep your child’s interest.
  • Once your child begins to read properly, you can start taking him to the library or the bookstore.
  • Let him decide what level of books is he comfortable in reading alone. You can also make him read aloud to his younger sibling.
  • If you feel that your child gets easily bored of his books you can make out games out of the book, like enacting the title, narrating an incidence of the story and finding the related picture etc.
  • If you child wants to go back to his old books there’s no harm in it. Remember, even some grown ups love reading their childhood comic books.
  • To a little grown up kids between the age group of 8-11, you can give story books that have a mix of longer imaginative stories.
  • You can also try non-fiction for children who do not like stories. You can introduce him to encyclopedias with photographs and illustrations and other such knowledge books.
  • You can also find out books that suit his interest. For instance, if he likes sports, then you can get him books on that. For girls, you can get books like Nancy Drew and for boys something like Hardy Boys. You can also try imaginative books of magic and horror.

This way, slowly you can lead your child to the path of making reading a hobby. They will soon discover that they are loving it and it is much better than spending time on useless play stations and video games!

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