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Stuff 101 - the Nlp Practitioner Training Session - 5 Techniques You Will Learn

by Sck
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Author: Corey Rozon

This article will cover the first level of NLP training, the NLP Practitioner course. There are two levels of NLP training, the first comprises of a basic set of NLP tools called the NLP Practitioner training course and the second, more advanced level, is the NLP Master Practitioner training course.
5 Things You Will Learn With An NLP Practitioner Training Course
1) Specialized techniques for fears and phobia’s
2) Advanced communication tools uncover information, persuasion, getting agreements, being able to tell how people think via eye accessing)
3) Techniques to master mind and emotion of yourself and others
4) Techniques to create resourceful states where people are otherwise unresourceful
5) Strategies for goal setting and goal achievement
The following is a sample of some of the things you will learn with a NLP Practitioner Training Course:
Day 1: Introduction to NLP
·What is NLP ·History of NLP ·How communication works - Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication  ·How do people process information
Day 2 & 3: Techniques on How to Lead a Client
·How to help clients move in different perceptual positions  ·Changing behaviour of a client  ·Learning to techniques how to influence the emotional state of a client ·Non-verbal techniques to detect clients preferences  ·How to deal with objections  ·Techniques to help a client create excellence
Day 4 & 5: Techniques on How to Gather Information From a Client
·Learning language that a client can agree to ·Technique to respond well to criticism ·Questioning  ·Using Eye Accessing ·How to set compelling goals
Day 6-7: Techniques on How to Change a Clients Bad Habit’s
·How to cure phobia’s, extreme fears, and trauma. ·How to get rid of a bad habit nail biting, smoking, etc.)
6 Reasons To Take NLP Training
1) NLP Training in Popular Culture The NLP training course helps to give you a mastery of communication which can be used for media interviews, influencing others, and giving you the ability to appear to be charismatic and a great public speaker. There are many known famous coaches that implement NLP training techniques from Paul McKenna, Anthony Robbins to Phil Jackson NBA coach Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers), Jimmy Conners tennis) and Jay Brunza Tiger Woods Mental Coach).   2) NLP Training for Business With an NLP training course you will be able to influence others, increase sales, learn leadership, coaching, and management skills. NLP training for business is best suited for Managers, Sales People, Marketing Professionals, Human Resources, Recruiters, and  Corporate Trainers.
3) NLP Training for Self-Development Some people decide to take an NLP training course simply for self-development and  empowerment. And still some people just come because they have heard that NLP can fix certain very big problems very fast. On average there are up to  3 phobia’s cured per course, in less then 10 minutes!  NLP training can help with trauma, fear of public speaking, motivation, weight loss, insecurity, and more.
4) NLP Training for Coaching NLP training will help with setting goals, communication mastery, techniques for motivation and achievement, techniques to resolve fears and phobia’s, and weight loss techniques. NLP Training for coaching is best suited for Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Personal Coaches and Fitness Trainers.
5) NLP Training for Therapy NLP training will give you a mastery of communication techniques to help resolve deep rooted issues, fears and phobia’s, habits and addiction, and moving people from unresourceful states to resourceful ones. NLP Training for therapy is best suited for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses and Dental Professionals.
6) NLP Training for Education With an NLP training course you will learn techniques for instilling motivation, understanding learning and coding of experience, how to enhance memory and create faster learning. NLP Training for Education is best suited for Teachers, Professors, and parents.

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Corey Rozon and David Leonhardt offer a Canadian ghost writer service in Ottawa.

This article was written on behalf of Global NLP Training who offer  NLP training from California to Los Florida . Visit their website for more information on their next  NLP training in California, USA .

One Response to “Stuff 101 - the Nlp Practitioner Training Session - 5 Techniques You Will Learn”

  1. Andrew Lawrence Says:

    This is a very clear article on NLP and shows the actual research results on the so-called efficacy of NLP

    Basically NLP was found to be a failure in the 80s and it is still producing generations of failures. NLP, scientology, voodoo, wikka, urine drinking etc. Lots of testimonials and no evidence of any efficacy. Furthermore there are lots of pseudoscientific ramblings in NLP and similar subjects. They are produced in order to mislead the punter into thinking it is profound or respectable. Its just a load of charlatanry mixed together to hype oversimplified management speak.

    What to do with such a load of misleading conflation of salesy pseudoscientific ideas? NLP is to be avoided. Unless you want to train yourself to be inept.

    A. Lawrence

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