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Innovative Natural Health and Healthy Living Care Bring Happiness to Millions

by Sck
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Author: Jeff

Over the past 20 years, a variety of healing tools for health and improvement have brought well being to millions of people. These tools which include raw foods, chiropractic, herbal medicine, massage, Reiki, EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, EFT, Bach and other flower essences, and alternative healing.
An entire class of hypnotherapy related alternative processes have improved lives. These include NLP, hypnosis, and EMDR. Many health food stores around the country carry innovative products such as these. Hands on healing has also brought much physical healing to millions. Many of these tools such as nlp, hypnosis, and EFT have benefits to people who are already healthy, happy, and super productive!
Since the 1980’s stores which sell vitamins, raw food, homeopathic remedies, herbs, and healthy food have been emerging in the United Kingdom, the United States and the rest of the world. The interest in living in ideal health has been on the increase. Major papers frequently discuss topics of interest to those who seek a great quality of life for themselves and others. The response to demand for an increase in quality of life has reached powerful companies and individuals. Medical research has shown support for homeopathic medicine, a form of treatment that supports half the population of India. The government in the United Kingdom funds five homeopathic centers which treat thousands of patients. Simple improvements in life style can vastly improve life span and quality of life.
In the United States, the Life Extension Foundation, located in Florida has been an active voice in promoting valid research supporting health and well being, and an active critic of non-alternative treatments. The Life Extension Foundation has been an active voice promoting scientific evidence that many simple herbal treatments, and eating specific fruits and vegetables is far more effective than conventional medical approaches. What was once an alternative organization, is now a multi-million dollar foundation which funds research on physical well-being. These used to be considered supplemental treatments to ordinary health care, but often these alternative treatments are so healing that they allow one to skip alternative health care alltogether.

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