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Seven Leadership Traits You Need to Be an Effective and Successful Leader

by Sck
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By Jerry Heng

Are you feeling frustrated why your followers are not listening to you, no matter how hard you tried? Are you feeling down because you cannot lead your team to achieve the goals?

Have you ever wondered what is the leadership qualities that you lack? Are you just not cut out to be a leader?

Do not worry. You are not alone. In fact, I used to be a junior manager, and is innocent to the complex world of managing people. But I realized that leaders need the qualities in order to excel as an effective leader.

The good thing is, leadership skills are skills that can be nurtured over time.

Your leadership traits will tell the manner in which you will lead your followers. Effective leadership traits will make that company successful. Good leaders are able to convince voters and followers, and have the ability to lead the team to accomplish the goals together.

A good leader is not a bossy person. A good leader must be a person of good character. Your leadership should honestly perform the tasks and set an example for the followers. Goals should be defined clearly, and a good leader can lead his or her team, to achieve the goals, without violating any moral values.

You need to know that a good leader can motivate the followers to reach common goals. While working towards the goals, the followers feel energized in carrying out the tasks, and they will thus put in more effort to deliver better results.

Your leadership should instill a sense of responsibility among your followers. Your leadership should ensure that job to be done by the employees is well understood and supervised. Also, you need to ensure that you are not emotional, and is able to handle tough situations, without much criticism.

A good leader will listen to the followers patiently, if they have any feedback regarding the tasks being assigned. In addition, you need to be adaptive, so that you are open to any changes along the way.

A good leader should foster a good relationship with the followers. By looking out for the welfare of the followers and keeping them informed of updates, the staff will be able to build up the team spirit.

Of course, your leadership should at times be offensive, if there is any form of insubordination. At times, it should arouse emotions to unite the followers to achieve the common goal.

Jerry Heng is a Leadership Consultant who can help you to become a successful leader, by learning the secrets kept by successful leaders, and transform your staff into winners, and be the envy of your bosses. To learn more about his free Leadership and Management advice, visit his website at

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