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How to Download Music to Iphone

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Author: Robert

If you’re lucky enough to own an Iphone, you are probably going to want to know how to download music for it. The iPhone is the gadget that everyone wants this year-and who doesn’t want to be able to carry around their music collections, their movies, and even their internet connection with them? Not to mention the fact that it’s primarily a cell phone.  

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In order to download music to your Iphone, there are a few things that are necessary. The first of which is a computer, obviously with an internet connection, and you will also need the right kind of lead to connect the Iphone to the computer. As well as those things, the most obvious thing is that you need somewhere to download from.

As far as computer technology goes, any average modern computer should be up to the task, providing it’s not older than say 8 or 10 years. Unfortunately an internet connection as old as that probably won’t do the job for you-the connection speed is quite important, so you may want to obtain the fastest internet speed possible in your area if you plan to download a lot of music. The older/slower connections will most likely work fine, but it can take a severe amount of time to download anything with a slow connection like this.

The first thing you need to do to actually download some music, is to find a reputable site, and then download files to the computer first. At this time, it is not possible to download them straight to the Iphone. Previously, most downloaders have been using peer to peer, or P2P sites to get their downloads. You probably should know that using these sites is illegal. Not only that, but many of them are riddled with viruses and spyware and other harmful things. P2P sites are one of the main ways that hackers release viruses into the world.

These days you have some much better and safer options. There are a lot of sites around these days that will offer you unlimited musical downloads for a one off fee. The fee is usually less than $50, and will allow you free movie and game downloads too. These sites are my recommended way to download music to Iphone.

Hopefully this article has let you put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can enjoy Iphone music downloads.

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