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Tons of Birthday Wishes for my beloved hubby

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Birthday Cake My dearest hubby


Tomorrow is my hubby’s second birthday! :o What??? Second birthday? And that too of hubby??? Can’t believe? Oops, I meant second birthday after my marriage. :D

I have a sweet and small family of five - I, my hubby, my parent in laws and a sweet sister in law. We plan and celebrate each occasion together. My parents join us too.

Last year we had made his birthday full of surprises. The whole day we gave him lots of surprise gifts; starting from the 12am (early morning) by decorating our bedroom, cake cutting and lots of gifts, then in the morning (gift near his pillow) and visit to temple (gift in the car), lunch (gift in the plate) till the organization of surprise outing, dinner and lunch. Was a fun filled day for him (and us as well) J

Tomorrow is his birthday and I am confused as how to make his birthday grand. Actually was thinking since long and also have though of gifts. Infect have already bought them. Now you are getting confuse too as to then what’s so confusing for me? Well, am not confused for gifts but the celebration ideas. Actually, I love surprise, both to give and to take :D . So my confusion is how to make his birthday interesting, fun filled, unique and memorable this time.

For this I searched on lots of sites, but couldn’t find any new idea. Now only a day left… Think Shreya. Think, think and think. Exercise your brain. And yes! It clicked in my mind while was in my research center. Research center? (my bathroom :D , where my mind is most productive and innovative. Lol).

Ok, ok, I know you all are eager to know the plan. So here you are.

  • 12am tonight (infect early morning of 1st August) – Decorating room with ribbons and balloons. We will darken the room and lighten the candles on the surprise cake (yummy strawberry cake which is his favorite).
  • Will write birthday wish on the white paper with the lemon juice. So the paper will look blank and the wish will be invisible. Will put the paper above the lightened candles on the cake before he blow off them. And the magical wish will appear! How’s it?
  • Then we are gonna gift him a new iphone. Which I think will be the best gift. And hope this will make him happy.
  • In the morning, I’ll make his favorite breakfast.
  • Think, I haven’t written him a love letter since long (it’s a love marriage friends). How about writing him a love letter (and not a love e-letter/email J) ! I think it’s the best way to express my love and feeling towards him and also recall our old days as boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Will hide different colored douche roses at different places in home. Will be waiting for the moment to see his dimples after finding those roses! J
  • Have prepared a Crossword of digits, consisting of birthday and anniversary dates of family members, car and bike numbers etc. If he will fill it correctly, we will present him a surprise gift (formal shirt). Just to add fun with the surprise gift.
  • Will go out for Dinner with family and friends, may be at PizzaHut.

Hope these will make his birthday grand. Finally an idea of showering him with tons of birthday wishes clicked my mind. And I was confused till moment that how to make this possible? Nothing clicked me even after giving it a deep thought.

And suddenly while writing this post, I realized it is not possible without the help of my dear social networker friends. Only they can help me make my plan successful. Friends, will you help me out making my plan (of thousands of birthday wishes to my dearest hubby) successful???

A humble request to all my friends - please help me out, and wish him here. This will be the best gift for him I suppose. I’ll send him the link to this blog tomorrow evening so he can go through the tons of wishes for him.

Am sure you friends, you won’t disappoint me. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Note :  It is the fact and not done in any way just to drive traffic to the site. It is my personal request and not a professional attempt.

44 Responses to “Tons of Birthday Wishes for my beloved hubby”

  1. rajeswar mohanty Says:

    Happy Bday To Your Hubby, Happy Bday To Your Hubby,Happy Bday To Your Hubby

    Best Wishes for both of you.

  2. Simon Says:

    Hello and happy birthday :)
    what else to say… you are lucky to have such a great family !

  3. Ed Says:

    Very Very thoughtful wife who must love you very much! Remember tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. ENJOY! and a Happy Birthday! Birthdays are great! I love them! The more you have the longer you live!

  4. Rich Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Congratulations!

  5. shilpa Says:

    Many many happy returns of the day to your hubby :)


  6. Srijith Says:

    Happy B’Day unknown friend!! :)

  7. Tim Says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it carries a lifetime of memories for you!

  8. jenn Says:

    happy birthday to the hubby!
    you have an amazing wife!

  9. Rajen Says:

    I wish your hubby very many many happy returns of this joyous day and wish both of you a happy marital life……

  10. William Shakespeare Says:

    God bless your grace with health and happy days!

  11. Nicole Says:

    Happy birthday!

  12. Matthew Says:

    happy birthday! what should i wear to the party?

  13. Kathleen Says:

    Happy Birthday to hubby

  14. Tom Says:

    Shreya’s hubby Happy Birthday :)

  15. Jason Says:

    Have a Happy Birthday and many happy more!

  16. yp29 Says:

    the hubby a very happy birthday

  17. Carmen Says:

    I hope your hubby has a great b-day!!! :-D

  18. Corrina Says:

    Wishing him a very happy birthday indeed!

  19. Melissa Says:

    Wishing a very happy and wonderful birthday!

  20. abigguitar Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  21. Dean Says:

    happy birthday to shreya’s hubby!

  22. Corey Freeman Says:

    Happy Birthday Dude.

  23. Nipa Says:

    Hey, Have a memorable birthday Hardik!

  24. MrMinisterL Says:

    Happy Birthday! And may you forever be the envy of every other married man on this board!

  25. ven Says:

    happy birthday and more blessings to come!

  26. Sam Says:

    Happy, happy birthday, hubby!

  27. Mike Says:

    Happy Birthday Hubby! :-D Hope your next year of life is blessed in many ways.

  28. ClassTax Xue Says:

    Happy Birthday!! w00t!! (and please, no pics in ‘your suit’)

  29. Mike Says:

    So… you’re not even gonna blow him?

  30. Mr.Gadget Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  31. Jeff Says:

    A happy birthday with hopes that he doesn’t even notice that his birthday suit is all wrinkled. Ironing won’t do any good either.

  32. Dhaval Says:

    manny manny happpy returns of the day, long live healthy and wealthy Mr Mehta n be with Mrs Mehta forever, HAPPY B DAY

  33. Tessa Says:

    Happy Birthday Hubster!!!!!

  34. Dawn Says:

    Wishing hubby a happy b-day

  35. Kate Says:

    happy b’day to mr hubby!

  36. Rebekah Says:

    Happy b-day Shreya’s hubby!

  37. Terri Says:

    Happy Birthday, Shreya’s hubby!

  38. Jessica Says:

    Wishing a very happy birthday to Shreya’s hubs!

  39. Gaurav Jyotishi Says:

    “I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it.”
    ~ Schmidt, Kyle

  40. Ed Says:

    Very Very thoughtful wife who must love you very much! Remember tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. ENJOY! and a Happy Birthday! Birthdays are great! I love them! The more you have the longer you live!

  41. Alex Says:

    Happy birthday! best wishes!

  42. Murthy Says:

    Wish You Many More Returns of the Day to Your Hubby!

    Best wishes of mine! God’s Grace to you all.

  43. wiley Says:

    wishing u the happiest of B-DAY of all!!

  44. Meenakshi Says:

    Happy b’day

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