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Second choice for job? Read this

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Some of you have had the experience of being second choice for a job. You know the story. This looked like the ideal job for you, and you spent much time and effort preparing for those interviews. Perhaps there were several rounds of interviewing with different people. Your excitement kept building as you got closer and closer to the prize. And then – you got the verdict. You came in second to someone else. Bummer! Whether the news was delivered through a personal phone call or you received one of those standard rejection letters, it still hurt.

What do you do next? The advice you expect to hear is, “Let go and move on to the next possibility.” Well – that is part of my suggestion for you. However, if you really wanted that job and honestly thought that it is an ideal situation for you, the first step is a letter something like this:

Dear Decision Maker,

Thanks for your consideration during the interview process for the position of Assistant Manager. I truly enjoyed our conversations and was excited about the possibility of working for you.

I was of course disappointed to learn that I was not selected, but I do wish you the best. Should that particular job become available in the future or another that requires someone with my qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to work for your organization.

Best wishes,
Job Seeker

Sometimes things do not work out with the first-choice candidate. For whatever reason, the organization may need to replace that person. They may be hesitant to contact others they interviewed and think that they need to begin their entire hiring process again. Your assurance that you are still open to their offer can be great news for them. And – it could mean the beginning of a terrific working relationship for you.

Every interview is a learning opportunity. Always debrief afterwards and use the knowledge you gain. Being invited to an interview affirms that you are a winner. Practice to win bigger every time!

Second choice.. No prob..

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