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3 Steps to Keep a Woman WAITING for you to decide to be Exclusive!

by Sck
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by Dan Hitt

Guys come out of relationships and when they do (if they do) start dating they realize that getting back into the cage and handing over the key is the LAST thing they want to do!

They just don’t want to be exclusive yet. They want to date for a while… have some fun but also be intimate with women they are attracted to. Here’s how…

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Here are the 3 Steps that can change the way you date… forever! Think about each one carefully and decide if it’s right for you. These 3 steps are also the first 3 steps in a journey to becoming a guy that is actually exciting to women.

Here we go!

Step 1. Understand - that in your last relationship you spent time with the girl of your choice. A LOT of time. You were really into her. I know, I know… that’s it for step one? But it’s an important step…

Step 2. Spend less time - it’s the amount of time itself that is actually signaling to her that you will do what she wants (like an exclusive relationship.) Spend no more than 1 day a week with her. And talk to her no more than 2 times per week. Control yourself! Don’t take the call!

Step 3. Repeat the phrase - “You’re really interesting but I’m working on myself right now.” anytime she wants to have any kind of talk about moving forward. Then tell her you have something to do and take off. By removing yourself you are teaching her not to talk about it.

If you can overcome your natural impulse here then take heart because that means you can change yourself into a guy that’s truly exciting to women! I look forward to hanging with you.

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Learn from a super secret community. Another How to Woman Tutorial!!! Stay tuned for more!

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