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2 steps to Kissing - A Super Tehcnique to kiss that special girl

by Sck
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by Dan Hitt

2 Step Kissing Technique!

If you’re having an amazing time and you know the next step is a kiss… don’t ruin it by making her feel uncomfortable. She will never recover from a kiss that was made in a moment of awkwardness. Instead, learn my 2 step technique that relies on untapped psychological traits in women.

The best thing is… it takes away the risk! You don’t need 3 or 4 different methods, all the time hoping one of them does the trick. Just a 2 step close, called “The Kiss Close”


Step 1 - Do the “Triangle” - all this means is… be within a couple feet and then look from her left eye to her right eye, down to her mouth and then back up to her left eye.

What does this do? It’s complicated (read about it at How to Woman Tutorials!) but I’m going to put it in simple terms here. Women actually react in a physical way when they are attracted to someone.

The eyes dilate and the eyes stare (it’s called “state” as in “a state of readiness”)and she watches you checking for this. Normal boring guys would never dream of checking outright like this. It goes against every bad instinct they’ve developed over their life span.

Step 2 - Ask, “Would you like to kiss me?” - Any answer but “no” or “I’m not ready.” means “yes”. And when she says “no” or “I’m not ready”? Reply with… “I didn’t say you could, silly! It just looked like you were thinking about something.”

If you think about it… this puts all the risk on her. When she doesn’t comply you take away the offer by implying it never existed. It will cause her to want to comply with you from now on.

Just repeat the same thing later. Exactly the same way. If she’s still with you… she wants you to kiss her. Girls don’t hang out with guys who want a kiss unless they want to be kissed by them.

Go to it!

About the Author

I’ve been there… waiting for the next girl, waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for her to look up, waiting to find the right ingredients, always waiting…

Then I learned a few very powerful Secrets!

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