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Tips to grow Orchid

by Sck
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The best orchid growing tip that I heard was to be selective in the sort of orchid I picked according to where I lived. Growing orchids isn’t super easy (although it isn’t super difficult either) and they can be a little more delicate than you may have been told. They do however have very specific conditions which if set properly will mean they really flourish and provide unparalleled beauty. Also, despite their delicateness, orchids are very versatile too. Following are some orchid growing tips you will definitely want to follow to get the most out of these beautiful flowers.

Orchids are definitely not plants that you simply leave to the elements while many orchids do manage in nature without human intervention. The truth of the matter is that most orchids require a significant amount of care and tending. Of course those who are truly passionate about their orchids are more than willing to take all the time they need in order to learn the best possible way in which to care for these beautiful blooms.

There are many facets common to all orchids but at the same time there is no standard solution. Each plant will require something a little different when it comes down to growing them effectively. It’s important to do a little research before you select your plant so you can get a few more orchid growing tips (this article will give you a lot).

Orchids like humidity in the air and really excel when growing in this sort of environment. A good growing tip is to use humidity trays and keep your orchids on that. To save some money you can even make your own by using a tray covered in pebbles which are kept moist or have a little water under them. I do not recommend misting the petals of your orchid, this can harm their growth and is not a good tip. Instead buy some humidity trays or make your own.

The media in your pot is also very important. Pete moss, fir bark and even charcoal are great fertilizers for orchids and should be changed fairly regularly to keep nutrients fresh. Keep a good level of fertilizer in your orchid pt will ensure the bloom are as beautiful as possible. Once the bloom has fallen, cut at the lower part of the leaves and not at the elbows. This will help the orchid grow next time.

Another of the best orchid growing tips is to give your plant light. Most orchids like light, but not too much, behind blinds is a good position in the home and try to limit it to around 4 hours per day.

The best tip when it comes to growing orchids is to take the time to learn about the specific variety you are planning to grow. There are more than 30,000 species of orchids not including all the hybrids that are available. Each species will have a few idiosyncrasies of its very own and you will need to learn the likes and dislikes of your chosen variety and cater to its every whim for some time in order to receive the maximum performance and beauty from your plant.

One Response to “Tips to grow Orchid”

  1. Phillip Estenson Says:

    I kept a Phalaenopsis orchid in my bathroom and it stayed in bloom for nine months. It was incredible - so my suggestion is trying keeping an orchid next to a water source like the bathroom or kitchen sink.
    Thanks for the article…

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