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Points to consider when you are purchasing a biUbe, biOrb or biOrb Life Aquarium.

by Sck
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 by Lee Adams

Points to consider when you are purchasing a biUbe, biOrb or biOrb Life Aquarium.  This article is not in anyway intended to discourage you from buying one of these excellent aquariums. Quite the contrary, I am the owner of a biUbe and have owned it for over a year and have found it to be first-rate. The aim of this article is to insure that you make an informed decision before buying your new aquarium.

Reef One - the manufacturers of the biUbe, biOrb and now the biOrb Life - produce an excellent range of ‘designer’ aquariums. All of their aquariums are ready to go out of the box, and have a large range of accessories available for you to customise your tank.

The main point you need to consider is; are they suitable for the type of fish you would like to keep?

All of the Reef One aquariums (apart from the biUbe) come in a range of sizes:

- The biOrb - 15, 30 and 60 litres

- The biUbe - 35 litres

- The biOrb Life - 30, 45 and 60 litres.

By normal aquarium standards these are not large aquariums. The largest 60 litre version is approximately the same as a 300mm x 600mm x 300mm (12″ x 24″ x 12″) rectangular aquarium. This means that you will be limited to not only the number of fish that you can keep, but also the species of fish you can keep. Therefore, before you purchase any fish make sure you do your research as to how big they will be when fully grown.

Where the fish you choose feed should also be considered. Bottom feeding fish, usually generalised under the ‘Catfish’ umbrella are not particularly well suited this range of aquariums. Many of the fish of this type have a very soft underbelly and this is not particularly well suited with the sharp ceramic media at the bottom of the tank.

If you are reading this article you may not be familiar with the term ‘ceramic media’. The ceramic media is used in place of the usual gravel found at the bottom of more traditional aquariums and is essential to the Reef Ones range of aquariums filtration system.

In contrast to the ‘catfish’ group of fish, ‘livebearers’ (Swordtails, Platties, Guppies and Mollies) will do exceptionally well…perhaps a little too well. You may well find that if you have a male and female you will soon have a tank full of ‘little’ livebearers!

Once the livebearers have given birth the fry will sink to the bottom of aquarium, the coarse ceramic media at the bottom of the tank allows the fry get in between them. Having the shelter of the ceramic media allows them to grow quite large before they have to fend of larger fish in the tank and consequently this gives a relatively high survival rate.

About the Author

Lee Adams has owned and successfully maintained a biUbe since the beginning of 2008 and can offer advice on setting up your biUbe.

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