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Mesothelioma and Homeopathy

by Sck
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Author: Shreya Deshpande

Mesothelioma is a dreaded lung cancer caused due to asbestos exposure. Though the symptoms of lung cancer do not occur immediately, the person may develop cancer after may be a few decades. It is the malignancy affecting serous membranes of the body. Though the prime site of affection is lung, other sites like abdominal peritoneum or pericardium may also be affected.
Though the cancer is very rare, the symptoms and signs leave patients restless and in agony. No definitive cure has yet been found by medical experts. In the earlier stages, surgery in the form of resection is helpful but chances of recurrence are high. In later stages, chemotherapy and radiation are carried out. But nowadays doctors emphasize on undergoing clinical trials for patients of Mesothelioma because numerous trials are being carried out in reputed cancer institutes. However the results are uncertain and the process may be excessively expensive.
Considering all the options, many doctors nowadays suggest the alternative therapies like Homeopathy for the dread called Mesothelioma. The homeopaths all over the world are contemplating various possibilities for the treatment of Mesothelioma. Though they do not boast to cure Mesothelioma totally, they do have very good results in terms of alleviation of symptoms of Mesothelioma. The excessive cough, chest pain, and constitutional symptoms like malaise, fever or weakness can be effectively dealt with by different Homeopathic remedies.
One of the definitive treatments in Homeopathy for Mesothelioma is mistletoe therapy. It is an immuno-augmentative therapy in which an herb called Iscador is extracted from mistletoe and administered to the patient in the form of injections or tablets. As the name suggests, the therapy aims at boosting the suppressed immune system and thus giving relief to the troubled patient.

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Dr. Shreya Deshpande is a well-known Homeopath of India and treats her patients online too. For knowing more about homeopathy and Dr. Shreya’s services, please visit-

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