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Diamond Shopping Tips

by Sue
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diamond shopping tips

  • Never ever buy a diamond without looking at it first. As diamond buyers we wouldn’t buy unless we can look at the diamond with our own eyes and compare it to other diamonds. This is the main reason you should not buy on line.
  • If you want a great value and get the most for your money only buy your diamond loose. We sell only loose diamonds. You can compare diamonds side by side and see the differences in color, fire and sparkle; you can’t do that on the computer.
  • Look at your diamond in a variety of lighting conditions and magnifications. Look at the diamond under 10 x magnifications in a jeweler’s loop and under a diamond scope with back lighting.
  • Ask to see the copy of the certificate . Always be sure the diamond has a grading report from GIA or AGS the leaders in independent diamond certifications. Avoid diamonds with EGL and IGI reports. The entire industry knows these labs “over grade” their diamonds, and they trade at discounts up to 20% to make up for the over grading. You may feel like you got a good price, but if you find out later it is 2 color and one clarity grade lower than you thought, you will have a bad case of buyer’s remorse.
  • Find a place that specializes in diamonds. There is no such thing as a “part time” expert. Your experience should be educational, informative and fun. You should be comfortable and at ease. Deal with people who know what they are talking about; someone who will not ignore you. Some jewelry stores are packed with jewelry snobs and may not inform you about ways you can maximize your diamond buying budget and get a bigger and more beautiful diamond than you expected. We are not on commission
  • Make sure the person showing you a diamond has experience and a proper education. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing more about diamonds than the person showing them to you.
  • Make sure the side diamonds in the rings are a comparable quality. Many national chain stores do not offer top quality side stones in their rings.
  • Find a place that guarantees you won’t pay too much for your diamond. How does price compare to wholesale list.

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