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Hair style guide - Guide to ponytail

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When your hair won’t behave the way you want and you are in hurry the best way to groom your hair is a ponytail. You can tie your hair in full or half ponytail. Ponytail can be done high, low, in middle or at side. You can make more than one ponytail for the funky look.
Always use snag-free bands in your hair. Rubber bands can cause damage to your hair it causes friction, pulling and breaking of hair.


•Just pull your hair back loosely and tie with a band and let a few random strands fall around your face that will give a messy but trendy look.
•For a more sophisticated look make your hair straight by using a blow dryer. Brush your hair back smoothing out all tangles and tie it into a pony tail with a band. You can use a holding spray to finish it up.
•If you have long fringes in front and want to tie them up in ponytail.  Pull all your fringes back hold it into a loose quaff pin them up with bobby pins. Then tie the rest of your hair into a high ponytail.
•To make a bouncy ponytail, tie all your hair in a ponytail. Use few curlers, rollers or curly irons and create bouncing curls. Your ponytail will be full of flirty bouncy curls.
•Half tied ponytail also gives a sweet look. Hold half of your hair from the crown area and tie it up with a band. It can also be done after curling your hair.
•You wish to have a real innocent school girl look then go for two pony tails. Make two equal sections of your hair holdthe two parts and tie them up separately to make two ponytails. You can tie them high or low.
•For a funky look simply tie your hair up in knots. Twist your hair or knot them up hold it and put up few pins. Let the few loose strands fall down around your face.
•Another funky look variation in ponytail is to use some spray or paste at the ends of your hair. Twist your hair and hold your hair to one side high, low or in between and then clip them up.
•At the top of your ponytail you can add up a texture or a color with your own hair. Tie a ponytail take one thin section of your hair wrap it around your ponytail and pin it up.

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