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Choose a Hair Weave Type & Style

by Ann
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Everybody including not only bald people but also celebrities prefers hair extensions, wigs and weaving for molding their appearance. Hair weaving is the technique of blending human or synthetic hair into existing natural curls. Everyone wants to flaunt an electrifying look by playing with his or her curls but it is always advisable to consult a hair stylist before going for extensions.
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There are various types of curls such as long, straight, curly, wavy and kinky. In order to choose the best hair extensions and wigs for yourself you should know your hair type. You can easily fuse curly with straight tresses for attaining a sassy appearance. Tresses extensions and weaves require adequate maintenance like moisturizing and cleansing daily.

Different types of Hair Weaves

Bonded tresses:  These weaves are glued to your scalp. They are weak type of weaves and lasts for shorter period of time say for one month.

Braided:  These weaves last for nearly two months. At the centre of the scalp the process is completed in two steps your natural tresses are braided first and then weaves are sown into the braids.

Fusion weaves:  It is considered to be one of the strongest weaving technique which lasts for 3 months. This process blends natural tresses with hair weave.

All types of hair weave needs care and maintenance. And for that all you need is to cleanse and moisturize your scalp regularly. This will even help for promoting growth of your hair.

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