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How to Secure Those Graduate it Jobs

by Sck
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Author: SteveWaller

Computing and  IT jobs  are in an industry that is moving at an unbelievable pace which means that an increasing number of students in the UK are turning to degrees in computer science to gain access to this exciting new field. The problem that many of them face is that university-taught syllabuses are not always consistent with the real needs of the IT industry which is leading to a shortfall in the number of firms looking to take on graduates. Hence, there are a great number of IT graduates for each graduate IT job.
With this in mind, current computing students and fresh graduates need to ask themselves how they are going to stand out from a heaving mass of candidates all scrapping for a few positions.
Clearly experience is a key factor in your self-promotion and many students are now taking it upon themselves to gain such experience in any way possible, through non-paid work, either in term time or during the long summer break, year long placements as part of a degree or by learning and programming in their spare time. All of these things can get you practical knowledge that goes way beyond the basics taught at a university and the last of these shows an enormous amount of passion and dedication to the furthering of your abilities.
Being able to think quickly on your feet and innovate to overcome a problem is vital for  IT graduates  if you are to progress in the industry but it is also very handy when it comes to IT job interviews too because you will almost certainly be tested on some of your abilities without knowing what they might throw at you. This is why practice is oh so crucial because the more problems you face, the better and faster you will be at overcoming them.
Business knowledge is also a factor that recruiters are increasingly looking for because while they are going to be briefing you on a project they expect you to be able to build it in a way which makes the most business sense, even suggesting alterations where appropriate.

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Steve Waller works in the UK recruitment industry and helps many graduates find their dream first job with his knowledge and advice.

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