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Coach - What is Your System of Getting New Coaching Clients?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Coach - What is Your System of Getting New Coaching Clients?
By Alan Boyer

Coaching Business Building System That Delivers Tons of New Clients

What is your system of getting new clients?

Do you even have one . . . or more?

Do you know how many people call you every time you walk through that system?

When I coach other coaches in building their coaching business I find that almost no one has a system for getting new clients? And for those that do have one, most don’t have one that delivers efficiently. You’d think that, as coaches, especially business coaches, should have one or more systems in place that deliver far better than the businesses they coach.

Well it just isn’t so. Most coaches actually are struggling as bad as or worse than the clients they coach. And it’s mainly because they have never developed a system, or in control of a system they do have. Let’s look into a few systems and some expectations. These are results that I’ve gotten, and/or my clients have gotten. I’m giving you these as a target for you. Once you know what others are achieving, then you know what you should be shooting for in that activity, and can tune up what you are doing until you get to that level. In other words, don’t just set there . . . work on what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to until you get similar results. Or, if you need additional help to achieve these goals, then find you a coach who can help you get there.

Don’t Just Set There!!!

Don’t just set there accepting what you’ve been getting. You can also put these together like you would from a cafeteria menu. Knowing how many clients a week you need to achieve your revenue goals for the year, you can put together a list of activities that total the number of clients you want for your business, and then get out there and do it while managing the results as in the previous paragraph.

Below are just a few of the concepts coaches are using

Speaking Engagements to Business or Social Groups


  • 25%-50% of room asking to talk, wanting more info, signing up, buying something, (based on what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to — in other words it’s up to you to develope a powerful, compelling message that gets people begging to talk with you instead of you begging to talk with them.


  • 1-2 clients per speech


Article Writing


  • 30% of the readers ask for more


  • 40% to 60% join your list


  • $1 to $5 per list member is spent on steps into your marketing funnel


  • NOTE:Now do you have any idea why you should spend time building a list of followers when they generate $1-$5 a month in sales?


Seminar Marketing (monthly low cost or giveaway seminars)


  • 1000 post cards result in


  • 50-100 phone calls (and added to list)


  • 25-50 bodies in the seminar seats


  • 12-25 buying into first step of marketing

    1-5 coaching clients


Information Marketing Letters


  • 20% to 70% sales appointments

Cold calling



  • 1 in 25 live calls results in sales appointment


Marketing is nothing more than



(# of people who see your marketing) x (response rate) = # sales appointments


You are in control of two variables in the above systems,






  • How many you get in front of (that also need you) weekly, and


  • What percentage of those do respond. This is mostly due to your core marketing message, and how well it connects with your target prospect.




If I want 10 sales prospects a week, then, plugging that into the formula for “Information marketing letters”



(# of people who see your marketing) x (response rate) = # sales appointments

( 50 ) x ( 20% ) = 10


If your response rate is below that, then make sure that you crank up the number of people you get in front of until it delivers. In some cases you can achieve that number of activity. And in some others, it may be absolutely necessary to fix the response rate first.

In any case, if you are below the target response rate above, then you should always be working to raise that to the above targets, or even more. If you do achieve more, please email or call and let’s talk.

Adjust the Activities to Get the Results You Want

Obviously you can turn up or down the number of activities and the number of people you get in front of on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can change what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to so that you are getting these same percentages. You are in control of delivering exactly the number of clients you want a month, and the dollars in revenue you want every month.

Want to join us for our next teleconference on coaching system building?

Or get weekly emails on growing your coaching business?

We’ll talk about various systems, and how you can run those response rates WAY up there.

Do you want to learn more about how to increase your coaching business?

I have just completed my brand new guide to coaching marketing success. You’ll also get a free invitation to join a mastermind group of other coaches as they build their business. Hear what works and doesn’t work.

Get your “How to Build a Super Star Coaching Business” for free.

Alan Boyer coach’s coaches, who want more business than they can handle, or at least more than they imagined…before this…..The reports have been “5-10 times more clients in just a few weeks, and still growing.

Article Source:—What-is-Your-System-of-Getting-New-Coaching-Clients?&id=1629372

Poor diet, Poor memory

Friday, June 27th, 2008
by Sue

A new study in mice has linked memory loss to a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and Arizona State University found that rodents that were fed a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat exhibited impairment in working memory.

This memory loss is linked to inflammation in the brain, as well as the impairment of structural proteins that affect how a nerve cell functions.

As inflammation is linked to a poor diet, the failure of functions in other key organs such as the eye and the ear also could be expected.

Assuming that the same phenomenon occurs in human beings, the study suggests that as humans’ age, memory may be preserved and brain functions improved by restricting the consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats.

Woman - Best business deal crackers

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Made all the arrangements to crack that business deal worth millions, but still apprehensive? Well, then get a woman involved in the negotiation, for according to a new research, the ladies may be more skilled in the talks than their masculine counterpartsbest-negotiators

According to the research, feminine touch could be a company’s secret weapon.

Dr. Yael Itzhaki of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration carried out simulations of business negotiations among 554 Israeli and American management students at Ohio State University, in New York City, and in Israel.

“Women are more generous negotiators, better co-operators and are motivated to create win-win situations,” says Itzhaki.

The results of her Ph.D. thesis project indicated that in certain groupings, women offered better terms than men to reach an agreement. And women were good at facilitating interaction between the parties, she says.

negotiatorsThe model involved negotiating the terms of a joint venture, including the division of shares. The point of the simulations was to examine how women behave in business situations requiring cooperation and competition.

Itzhaki also discovered that men have begun to incorporate feminine strategies into their negotiating styles.

“Women in mid-management positions are criticized for being too ‘cooperative’ and ‘compassionate,’ so they don’t get promoted. Then men come in and use the same tactics women are criticized for.”

Although both men and women can be good negotiators, Itzhaki emphasizes that there should be more women in top management jobs. Women have unique skills to offer, Itzhaki says, “They’re great listeners, they care about the concerns of the other side, and they’re generally more interested in finding a win-win situation to the benefit of both parties than male negotiators.”

A lot of women don’t care to “fight” to be recognized, she says, preferring cooperation over competition. But more women in management can translate to a healthier bottom line, Itzhaki says.

“Businesses need to develop an organizational culture where everyone is heard, because women’s opinions and skills can give businesses a competitive edge,” she said.

Deal Done

Maintaining long distance bonds

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Neither a break-up time bomb nor a recipe for relationship disaster, long-distance relationship offer the best of both worlds!

Long Distance RelationshipsI’ve interacted with many couples who are in a long-distance relationship and my conclusion after looking at these happy couples is that it does provide the best of both worlds. Take the case of Kelly Page. Married to a shippie, she meets her husband twice a year for 2 months. “It is certainly the best time in our lives. We are now married for 14 years, but even today the thought of meeting him sets my heart a flutter. Also all these years have made me fiercely independent and I have my own set of activities and social circle, but yet the time spent with my husband is what I cherish the most. I prefer this space in our relationship”

Like Kelly there are many who are totally for long distance relationships.Long Distance Relationships It gives them the space to be themselves and at the same time they are able to preserve the freshness of their relationship! Here are a few learnings from them you could use, if you are also getting into one.

1. Trust matters: One of the most important factors in any relationship is that of trust, and when you are in a long-distance relationship it becomes all the more vital. But you need to be smart too; the idea isn’t to trust blindly. Make friends in the vicinity of your mate’s house, and subtly keep a check on him without both knowing you are doing so. Never make it obvious. Once in a while drop in unexpectedly, but don’t make a habit of it, it will become obvious.

Long Distance Relationships2. Keep communication open: Be in touch with your mate. Online chats, telephone conversations and having him on your mind plays an important role in maintaining a long distance relationship. If you feel something isn’t right, talk openly about it, resolve all your fears and insecurities. It will only strengthen the bond.

3. When you meet, make sure you both have a memorable time: Make a list of all that you want to do when your mate comes over and do it all. Tell him to do the same. This will make both of you look forward to theLong Distance Relationships time spent with each other.

4. Try not to be on your best behaviour when your partner’s around, the advice is to be yourself. This will ensure that there aren’t any false expectations when the two of you eventually start living together.

5. Know each other’s social circle: It is important to know each other’s friends and social circles well. Otherwise when either of you go visiting, it will become awkward if you aren’t familiar with each other’s friends. This will also give you both a feeling of acceptance, which is important in the relationship.

6. Talk out about the future: Don’t keep pushing the issue of who will eventually move in, under the carpet. It is necessary to resolve whatever conflicts arise in this matter in the initial stages itself, otherwise later the issue will snowball into a larger crisis.

What prompts you to adventures?

Friday, June 27th, 2008
by Sck

Unknown and unexplored is what catches our attention, and now even researchers agree to that, for they have identified a key region in the brain that triggers our sense of adventure and novelty which governs our sense of choice.

Welcome Trust scientists have said that this region located in a primitive area of the brain, is activated when we choose unfamiliar options, suggesting an evolutionary advantage for sampling the unknown.

The research highlighted that novelty seeking can be strongly adaptive as unfamiliarity tends to be associated with uncertainty and the potential for valuable outcomes.

It may also explain why re-branding of familiar products encourages to pick them off the supermarket shelves.

In the study, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the brain activity associated with novelty-related decision making.

“It can be advantageous for an animal to explore new parts of its environment because it might find valuable sources of food there,” said study author Dr. Bianca C. Wittmann from University College London.

“We sought to test a computational hypothesis that brain systems associated with choice behavior use novelty bonuses to encourage exploration of unfamiliar options,” explained co-author Dr. Nathaniel Daw.

Adult subjects performed a carefully designed choice task during which they had the opportunity to win money by selecting from four simultaneously presented images, some of which they were familiarized with before the study.

Essentially, the task could be used to specifically examine a mechanism of exploration directed at perceptual novelty as the payoff for novel options was no more uncertain or valuable than for familiarized options.

It was found that participants preferred novel stimuli to prefamiliarized stimuli and that choosing novelty was associated with activation of the ventral striatum, a region of the brain associated with reward anticipation.

These results suggest that humans are motivated to use novelty as a substitute for true choice uncertainty, even in instances where the degree of unfamiliarity has no actual bearing on the favorableness of choice outcome.

“The substitution of perceptual novelty for choice uncertainty represents a distinct, albeit slight, departure from rational choice that, as in our task, introduces the danger of being sold old wine in a new skin,” said Wittmann.

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