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Savouring Life !

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Enjoying lifeHave you ever been to your favorite restaurant, ordered your favorite food and then thoroughly enjoyed eating it? We hope so! If you haven’t had such an experience, imagine what it might be like. Remember how the texture, taste and smell of this wonderful food delighted you as you chewed and swallowed it. You probably savored each and every bite of that fabulous food and felt quite satisfied during and after your meal.

What if every moment of your life was just like that delicious culinary experience? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to savor all of our life adventures—both mild and wild—in a similar way? How different might you feel about yourself and life if, instead of struggling through the ups and downs, you savored your way along?

Today’s world sometimes feels beyond high-speed. While we count down the days until a vacation, once the get-away arrives we find ourselves thinking about home and work. Even in our day-to-day lives, we’re often so busy thinking ahead to the next item on the “to do” list, we miss what’s going on right now. Sometimes what’s going on is uncomfortable and unhappy, but often it’s pleasant and even potentially joyful. How are we to know anyway, when we’re so often in a fast-forward mode?

Rosy just isn’t happy and can’t figure out why. Her life really isn’t all that bad. She reminds herself how much she has when she feels dissatisfied. After all, she runs her own successful business, is an active presence in her daughter’s life, and has been with a great guy for 8 years now. She is always on the go volunteering with the PTA and in the community and knows she is respected by colleagues and peers. With all of this going for her, why does she feel depressed and out of sorts much of the time?

Return to the Right Now

Perhaps what is missing for Rosy is also what is missing for you. Rosy moves through many potentially satisfying, happy experiences each and every day but she misses them because she’s not really “there.” She appreciates her daughter’s athletic ability on the soccer field as she watches the game, but prominent in her mind are worries about a dissatisfied customer’s e-mail, a conversation she had with her partner and where she and her daughter will go eat after the game is over. In this way, Rosy is not present for what is most important: the right now.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if you are not present for your right now you are pushing aside potential happiness. You could go on forever gauging whether your job, your mate, your kids, or your self are the priority, the one thing you should be focusing on. What matters most is that your attention is right here, right now. It is only in the right now where you will find the satisfaction and good feelings you want and that is the priority.

Notice the Savorable Moments

So what if your right now is not so happy? Even then, it is important that you stay present. Perhaps Rosy and her daughter had an argument before the soccer match. While watching her daughter dribble the ball down the field, dodge defenders, shoot and score, Rosy is filled with anger and fear about the argument. She replays the previous scene over and over in her mind wondering if she responded fairly and wishing her daughter would listen to her for once.

While resolving the conflict between herself and her daughter is certainly important, rehashing the argument at that moment is not going to change anything. Instead, Rosy could put aside what she perceives happened and how she’d like to see the issue resolved. Rosy can come back to the right now and savor the moment. She can allow herself to celebrate her daughter’s athletic ability and enjoy the other parents watching with her in the stands. There will be time later to return to the issue the argument was about. In fact, if Rosy can sit down with her daughter to talk coming from a place of appreciation, the conflict will undoubtedly resolve much easier.

If you are accustomed to living in fast-forward mode, this may take some practice. Gently bring yourself back to what’s going on in your right now and notice what you can savor. The “taste” may be tart or even bitter at times, but this is part of the richness of life. You may find that the more you can appreciate this present moment, the sweeter the moments get. Bon Appetit!

Enjoying life

Think out-of-the box

Monday, June 9th, 2008
by Ann

Thinking out of the boxWhat we believe definitely has power to shape our lives. The chatter that goes around in your head definitely has power to shape your life. That is where the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking come in to play. But this is only part of the story. Ultimately it’s what you DO with your belief system that has power to transform your life.

For illustrative purposes, let’s say you live in a box. The inside of the box is cozy and comfortable. You’re happy in there. But the box has no windows. One day you decide you need to broaden your horizons so you gingerly cut a large hole in the side of the box. This gives you a very nice view of what is going on outside your living quarters. You gaze out in wonder from the safety of your little dwelling and you can see leafy green trees and other interesting shrubbery.

After a while you decide to expand your view so you cut a hole in the opposite side of the box. Now you have yet another view of the outside world. Out of this window you can see horses grazing peacefully right outside your box. You are amazed. You had no idea this was going on outside.

Thinking out of the boxAt some point you decide to open an additional portal on another side of the box. You’re a little scared by this because you now think you may be cutting too many holes in your abode. You begin to doubt yourself and start thinking that you may be making a place for rain to get in rather than expanding your view. You worry and fret about compromising the structural integrity of your box. But then you tell yourself that it worked out just fine on the other sides, so what could possibly go wrong?

You tell yourself that if you don’t cut the additional hole you do have a nice view out of two windows and maybe that’s just fine. But you’ve decided that you don’t want to be limited anymore; you want to see what else is going on out there. So you gather your courage and do it anyway. Now you have a completely different view. You can see a beautiful lake out there. You are in awe. You decide to do this on the remaining side too, this time with enthusiasm instead of fear. Now you have a panoramic view. It’s lovely and enjoyable and you are quite pleased with yourself for taking a few chances.

Some of you reading this were thinking that something bad was going to happen with all of this hole cutting. What is this based on? Why is your mind going to the negative? Study where these negative belief systems have originated from. Fear is very limiting and will keep you from getting what you desire.

Now here is what is important: You can sit there inside the box for the rest of your life, simply enjoying the view and thinking positive thoughts about it, or you can venture outside. You will discover that when you go outside you can ride the horses to greener pastures, eat the luscious ripe berries from the shrubbery, fish and/or swim in the lake. If you stay inside you can’t do any of that. You can sit in there and wonder when a fish will jump out of the lake and land on top of your box or when fresh berries will arrive at your doorstep. It is a choice.

Thinking out of the box

9 tips to stay healthy

Monday, June 9th, 2008

It’s easy to think you’ll be happier and have a better life if only you had a bit more money or could lose a few pounds, but there are more sure-fire ways of achieving a better life. Here are 9 tips to help you on your way.1. Be grateful: start or end every day by appreciating what you have rather than what you don’t have. Make a ritual of it: “I’m grateful for ..” Do this 5 times, listing a different thing each time.

2. Put your fork or your sandwich down between mouthfuls. This way you are likely to eat less and enjoy your food more.

3. Talk to a friend - not by email, but over the phone, or better still get together.

4. Sit at the table to eat, but clear the table of bills, things to do, etc. It doesn’t help your digestion, if you look at your unpaid bills while you eat.

5. Walk (or jog or run) a little more. You should be taking 10,000 steps a day, but most people are only taking 3,000 to 4,000. Buying a pedometer will help to keep your motivation up.

6. Drink more water. It’s good for your skin, helps you to avoid constipation, and may help you to lose weight as we often misinterpret the body’s thirst request as a food request.

7. Volunteer to help someone else. Research shows that we live longer and happier lives if we spend time helping others rather than just thinking about ourselves.

8. Have a laugh. Buy yourself a child’s joke book, and indulge, or buy a bubble-making machine and run around after the bubbles (this will help you with tip 5 too).

9. Look at the sky. Research has shown that people in hospital make a better recovery if they can see the sky from their hospital beds. Why wait to be ill? Enjoy it now.

Stay Healthy

Form and Apply 10 new habits

Monday, June 9th, 2008
by Sck

Creating this new daily routine will keep you focused, clear, balanced and motivated to move forward.

These are things you do each day, which will support a positive change in your behavior and lay a foundation for fundamental shifts that will greatly improve your life.

Key Points ·

· Only choose habits you want to do.

· Choose habits that give you energy.

· Have fun with your habits.

· Modify your habits as you wish.

· Never select things you “should do”.

· Keep your habits simple.

Ask Yourself

· What are the habits that will enrich my experience of life, every day?

· What habits do I put on my list, but tend not to keep?

· What habits have I been successful at maintaining and what was the impact on my life overall?

Benefits of Your 10 Daily Habits

· You have a healthy routine.

· You have a focus.

· You have more energy.

· You are more likely to maintain balance.

· You feel good.

Create Your 10 Daily Habits

Make a list of 20 daily habits that you could form. Next, scale it down to 10 and use a chart as your visual display to support you in doing these each day. Examples: Floss, watch less TV, eat more veggies, drink more water, exercise, simplify, add quiet time to your day, thank one person a day.

Start by practicing these habits every day for a week. How did you do? Keep going and practice these habits for one full month. What do you notice about yourself? What changes do you see?

When you create new habits, what support does it give you toward establishing new goals? How does it guide you in following through with plans to create the life you desire?

Dreams: Unopened letters from GOD

Thursday, June 5th, 2008
by Sue

DreamsOne of the grand breakthrough discoveries of modern times was Freud’s discovery of the unconscious mind and the idea that much of what drives us is outside our consciousness. He considered dreams to be “the royal road to the unconscious.” Unlike Freud, his colleague, C.G. Jung, thought the unconscious was far greater in scope and possibility. Jung believed it not only carried our repressed impulses, but was the fertile soil for all creative possibilities and the path to transformation and wholeness. The psychology he developed was oriented toward the soul. Jungian theory believes that making the unconscious conscious is the route to spiritual development and uses dream work as the vehicle for the work. It is said, “A dream uninterpreted is like a letter from God unopened.”Using this orientation, therapy does not seek a single cause, rooted in childhood, or aDreams particular traumatic event, but strives to understand things in the context of the human experience. Traumas are not overlooked or minimized. Rather dreams -the players and the action -are used to unravel trauma and unconscious barriers that interfere. Wounds of the soul often manifest in complexes in waking life and emerge each night as dream characters that perform one’s own personal drama on the stage of slumbering darkness. This unconscious or darkness needs to be made light and is referred to as shadow work. Not infrequently a mid-life crisis comes as a form of initiation to propel us to do our spiritual work.Meeting the shadow in the analysis of our dreams, we are introduced to the cast of characters in residence in our personal unconscious, playing the roles of beggars, thieves, terrorists and orphans. In this way we share in a vast universal realm called the collective unconscious. Beginning in ancient time’s myth, folklore and fairy tales all educate us about the collective unconscious, which is shared by all of humanity. They give us symbols and meanings to understand our own unique version of the universal drama. Through the process of associating to and building on these images, you can begin to decode your own dreams. In this way, therapy heals the soul and leads to self-actualization and wholeness.

Ocean of dreams

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