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Dressing ettiquets for job interview

Friday, May 30th, 2008
by Ann

If an employer looks forward to you to dress a certain way when you work in their building and represent their company, why wouldn’t they expect you to follow a dress code for interview? The fact of the matter is that they do, and if you don’t dress accordingly, you may not get hired.Why should your dress reveal your desire to succeed? You want to show your potential boss that you take the interview process seriously and that you will be just as serious about your job. Worried about overdressing? Don’t. Employers expect you to dress in your finest. Overdressing is impossible when you’re trying to secure employment.Business apparel for any type of job interview is necessary. Even if you will not be required todress appropriately dress up for the particular job you are applying for, you should still dress up for your interview. Choose professional, conservative attire. Avoid plunging necklines and outfits that are too tight or too revealing. Choose colors that are muted. Make sure that your clothes are freshly laundered and free of wrinkles. Never wear clothes with holes or stains, and pay close attention to your personal grooming as well. Take care when selecting makeup, fragrances and jewelry.

Following a dress code for interview involves a lot more than picking out an outfit. Accessories are equally vital. Pay attention to everything that you put dress appropriatelyon your body including your shoes and jewelry choices. Wear dress shoes instead of tennis shoes and choose dressy, non-flashy jewelry.

While we’re on the topic of jewelry, let’s take a moment to talk about piercing and other types of body adornments. Always choose jewelry and adornments that will not detract from your professional appearance. You may need to remove some piercing such as facial piercing. Tattoos and certain hair styles may also be offensive to some. Wear clothes that cover tattoos and try to choose conservative hairstyles and colors while you are looking for a job.

When choosing your dress code for interview, take into consideration parts of your appearance that you wish to downplay. For example: If you have a distracting scar, you may wish to conceal it. While employers will not discriminate against a scar, it might divert them from hearing and seeing what an ideal job candidate you really are.

Wedding Planners….Really works?

Friday, May 2nd, 2008
by Sue
You just got engaged! The ring is stunning and all you can think of is how you must start planning right away! Most brides wait about ten minutes after they get engaged to start thinking about wedding plans.
Let’s start it; planning a wedding is not an easy task. It can be really stressful to make sure every little detail is covered. That is why many brides choose to get a wedding planner. If you have seen the movies, you know that wedding planners should be the perfect way to plan a stress-free wedding. Of course, that is not always how it works.

The trick is to get a really professional wedding planner. A professional wedding planner will make sure everything goes off without a glitch on your wedding day. But, if you choose to use a friend or someone just starting out in the business, you might be causing yourself more stress by having a wedding planner than you would without one! Certain people need wedding planners more than others.

Are you constantly working? Are you planning your wedding in less than four months?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you might want to get a wedding planner to help you out. The last thing you want to do is feel beset by planning and not enjoy the joy of being engaged and getting married! Wedding planners are typically not cheap to hire.

So you need to think about that before you choose to hire one! You can find wedding planners that allow you to buy “planning packages” for your entire planning process. These are often great if you want to know how much your planner will charge, upfront. Others will charge by the hour or even take the total cost of the wedding and figure out a rate using a standard formula.

Heart Necklace

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
by Ann

heart jewelry

Here is provided the method on how to make the Valentine heart necklace, a simple Valentine craft for children.

Materials Required:

  • Foam board
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Ribbon


  • Take a foam board and using heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out hearts.
  • Wrap each heart in aluminum foil.
  • Punch holes at the top of the heart.
  • Thread the ribbon through the holes so as to make t
  • The beautiful hear necklace.
  • Beautify the heart with beads and marker drawings.

Diamond Shopping Tips

Friday, January 25th, 2008
by Sue

diamond shopping tips

  • Never ever buy a diamond without looking at it first. As diamond buyers we wouldn’t buy unless we can look at the diamond with our own eyes and compare it to other diamonds. This is the main reason you should not buy on line.
  • If you want a great value and get the most for your money only buy your diamond loose. We sell only loose diamonds. You can compare diamonds side by side and see the differences in color, fire and sparkle; you can’t do that on the computer.
  • Look at your diamond in a variety of lighting conditions and magnifications. Look at the diamond under 10 x magnifications in a jeweler’s loop and under a diamond scope with back lighting.
  • Ask to see the copy of the certificate . Always be sure the diamond has a grading report from GIA or AGS the leaders in independent diamond certifications. Avoid diamonds with EGL and IGI reports. The entire industry knows these labs “over grade” their diamonds, and they trade at discounts up to 20% to make up for the over grading. You may feel like you got a good price, but if you find out later it is 2 color and one clarity grade lower than you thought, you will have a bad case of buyer’s remorse.
  • Find a place that specializes in diamonds. There is no such thing as a “part time” expert. Your experience should be educational, informative and fun. You should be comfortable and at ease. Deal with people who know what they are talking about; someone who will not ignore you. Some jewelry stores are packed with jewelry snobs and may not inform you about ways you can maximize your diamond buying budget and get a bigger and more beautiful diamond than you expected. We are not on commission
  • Make sure the person showing you a diamond has experience and a proper education. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing more about diamonds than the person showing them to you.
  • Make sure the side diamonds in the rings are a comparable quality. Many national chain stores do not offer top quality side stones in their rings.
  • Find a place that guarantees you won’t pay too much for your diamond. How does price compare to wholesale list.

Heart Shaped Wedding Accessories

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
by Sue

heart shaped wedding accessoriesYou are finally taking the plunge and getting married. You want to show everyone at your wedding that you and your partner are truly soul mates and one heart. Well what better way than with heart shaped wedding accessories. Below I have listed a few of the many heart shaped wedding accessories that you can purchase to make your day truly lovely.
The love server set

    You can serve your wedding cake with a little bit of love at your wedding reception. This silver-plated love server set adds a romantic touch with a heart detail on the end of each serving piece. Makes for a great heart shaped accessory at your reception.

    • Personalized acrylic heart engraved cake topper

    This topper is the perfect finishing touch for your wedding cake. Can be engraved in three personalization styles with no additional cost: Double hearts with first names and date, single block initial, or a script monogram. This makes a great addition to the love server set.

    • Love locket unity candle

    This love locket charm unity candle and tapers are the perfect accessories to add to your special celebration. This love locket unity candle includes a sterling silver-plated heart charm that can be easily removed from the layered satin ribbon. The heart locket charm can be worn again on a necklace or charm bracelet that makes a great keepsake. Most retailers will offer free personalization on the heart shaped love locket at no additional charge.

    • Love locket charm guest book and pen

    This love locket charm guest book and pen are a really nice way to personalize your guest book. Each piece includes a sterling silver-plated personalized heart charm that can be easily removed from the layered satin ribbon, the heart locket charm can be worn again on a necklace or charm bracelet. Most retailers will offer free personalization on the love locket.

    These are just a few of the many different heart shaped wedding accessories that are available. So just keep in mind your budget and your style and you will find the perfect heart shaped wedding accessories for you.

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