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Pocket Mind Reader-2q

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Pocket Mind Reader -2qYou might haven’t ever heard about such a gadget that reads your mind. But I am sure, you would have watched any of the TV shows that does the similar job, reading minds with a set of questions. 20Q is a game that can tell what you are thinking in 20 questions or less, and which provides hours of fun as you try to stump the machine.

The online network that hosts one version of the game is immense, with each game played adding to the sophistication of the AI that guesses. The hand-held version doesn’t, unfortunately, get these frequent updates, but it does provide hours of stimulating fun as you try to stump the pocket sized device with new items to guess.

Answer honestly, and you will find that the 20 questions hand-held game guesses what you’ve got on your mind more times than not. This machine is not un-stumpable, but there are few items, it seems, that are not hidden away in that computer brain just waiting to be guessed.

The game was created by Robin Burgener, who started work on the project in 1988. The game works like the human brain, forming a neural network that is built from connections like our synapses, helping the game determine what to ask next and what to guess at the end. Play for yourself and see how a string of seemingly unrelated questions can come together in a way that allows the game to guess what was on your mind.

You can take it just about anywhere, simply slipping it into your pocket and pulling it out whenever you are ready for a new round. The game can usually guess what’s on your mind in 20 minutes or so, leaving you baffled and determined to stump it. This game is a great one for people of all ages. It provides stimulating fun to adults and children alike.

Robin Burgener, the inventor of 20q started working on 20Q in 1988, with the game running on a 5/14 inch floppy disk. Now 20q is online and over 10,000 games are played each day - increasing the sophistication of the 20q network on a daily basis. The artificial intelligence behind the game is a neural-network, similar to a human brain. A human brain has about one hundred trillion synaptic connections. The 20q.net online version currently has about ten million, and the pocket version has about two hundred and fifty thousand. The game uses the neural-network to choose the next question as well as deciding what to guess.

How to play the game? It’s rather simple. Just think of an object like an animal, vegetable, mineral or anything else, and then 20q will ask you a series of questions through it’s LED display. You simply answer yes, no, sometimes, or ‘unknown’ using the appropriate buttons on 20q for each question. Then your 20q will attempt to guess your object after the 20th question. If it guesses correctly, 20q wins! If it misses it will attempt 5 more questions and will then make another guess. If it misses again then you’ve officially stumped the pocket 20q and it will courageously admit defeat. But 20q is much smarter than you realize.

Waterless Washing Machine

Thursday, February 7th, 2008
by Ann

waterless machineRemoving stains from garments using a washing machine is nothing new. But imagine a washing machine which removes stains from clothes without water. Yes, a washing machine without water.

Two students - Tan Si Jin Gabriel, Chua Wenni Wendy - from the National University of Singapore’s school of industrial design have developed such a washing machine. This waterless washing machine can remove stains from clothes in a matter of a few minutes.

The Air Wash Washing machine uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean the clothes. The Air Wash washing machine has won the Electrolux Design Lab Award in 2005. The Air Wash washing machine model is inspired from waterfalls.

Tan Si Jin Gabriel, Chua Wenni Wendy photo Air Wash can clean garments of all types. Also less power consumption and no water consumption can surely make this waterless washing machine a wonder.

Tan Si Jin Gabriel, Chua Wenni Wendy beat entries from 3000 students from 88 countries. to win the competition.

It is not clear when the waterless washing machine will be available on a commercial scale. It may take ages, or if Electrolux manages to manufacture it large enough numbers, maybe we can see it in the showrooms in a few years.

Forced to use Windows Vista

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


Just logged on to my brand new laptop shipped from US. A HP pavilion dv6500 with black color and corporate branding. I bought it with so much excitement.

Forced to use Windows Vista

I prefer Windows XP to Vista and asked the vendor to give it to me with Windows XP. He said the model comes with Vista installed and I can get it changed to Windows XP by contacting HP customer care.

I did bring the laptop to India – thought would give my business and general surfing experience a boost. I contacted the local HP customer care only to find that they will take 10 days to load windows XP on it – and DO NOT guarantee it to be working properly. Sadly, HP does not give the laptop driver CD…No one knows whether this is Microsofts marketing policy or HP’s………..:)

The Solar Powered Keyboard

Thursday, January 10th, 2008
by Ann

The Solar Powered Keyboard When it comes to computers and other electronic equipments the most alarming aspect about them is the increasing use of electric power and the scarcity of the same. Since few decades scientists have been trying to find out a different power source that could meet the needs of the day. Solar energy is best option as it is free of cost and available with no scarcity. SlimStar 820 is the result of the revolutionary thinking to find out an alternate power source for the computers.

The Genius SlimStar 820 is one of a kind keyboard that includes a solar panel to draw on energy from light sources and then to recharge the unit’s built-in battery. The panel located on the top right is adjustable to absorb as much light as possible. Other than this unique feature, the SlimStar 820 seems like an ordinary keyboard with tons of multimedia hot-keys. Importantly, the keyboard is hybrid powered. In the absence of any light, the USB cable charger can take over. The solar-panel doesn’t recharge the 1600dpi laser mouse which uses 4 AA batteries that are pretty harmful to the environment. The good news is the batteries last up to 15 months.

Wireless keyboards have become so commonplace it is easy to forget that they have a big weakness, how to power the keyboard. Most keyboards use batteries and even though they might last several months on a fresh set, it is still annoying, not to mention a problem for the environment. Ordinary batteries can also be fitted with SlimStar to ensure the keyboard keeps working if there is not enough light and the fixed battery runs out.

There are plenty of shortcut keys on the keyboard, including the all-The important volume and media player controls. There shortcut buttons for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Messenger, Internet Explorer and email. Copy, Paste, Save and Print shortcuts are very useful. As much as a good selection of shortcut keys is important, other decisions have not benefited the keyboard. The Function keys are much smaller then ordinary keys, which we did not like. Sadly the keyboard was not as comfortable to type at as we would like.

The mouse is not rechargeable and so has no environmental benefit. It has a laser sensor and a sideways scrolling wheel so is likely to be an upgrade from the basic batteries supplied with computer. The only other extra is a button for locking the computer. A useful tool but not much faster than just pressing the Windows key and L. The USB adapter clips into the mouse

Key features:

  • Stylish 2.4GHz solar desktop combo for green protection
  • Adjustable solar device for faster solar energy storage
  • 17 frequently-used hot-keys for media center control, Internet features, office document tools
  • Newly developed mid-low profiled key-cap for greater working efficiency
  • High resolution laser mouse with 2.4GHz technology providing outstanding precision power
  • Mouse with power saving technology for extended batteries life for up to 15 months
  • Up to 10 meters operational distance; anti-interference function

Sonicare Elite e9500 Power Toothbrush

Thursday, December 20th, 2007
by Sck

Sonicare Elite e9500 Power ToothbrushAs electronics develop day by day aiming to materialize all the dreamy concepts, it offers ultra modern facilities to human beings. The entire lifestyle has underwent tremendous change over the past few decades as electronics has sprang up to unbelievable heights. sonicare power tooth brush is the latest launch from electronics manufacturer ‘Philips’, which helps to make our teeth more clean, more bright and more healthy; effortlessly. The battery powered toothbrush makes brushing an easy job as it does everything itself for you.

The mouth is the gateway to your body. It is increasingly being identified as a vulnerable entry point for bacteria associated with serious medical conditions. Evidence also continues to emerge that shows a link between gum disease and a variety of systemic conditions, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, as well as the occurrence of pre-term low birth weight babies. So it’s essential that when you think of total body health, you include your mouth by focusing on gum disease prevention. Sonicare e900 is dedicated to gain the goal of healthy tooth and thus healthy body.

The patented sonic technology of the Sonicare Elite combined with the latest in brush head design, creates dynamic cleaning action that removes plaque, reverses gingivitis and naturally whitens teeth. Its new slim angled neck, tapered brush head and contour-fit bristles provide an unparalleled level of comfortable cleaning especially in those hard to reach places. Sonicare Elite is significantly preferred by US dental professionals.

Top of Sonicare line, this toothbrush plays a significant role in helping to assure that your gums and teeth remain healthy and clean. Easy view battery power gauge two speed control includes one Sonicare Elite toothbrush with two brush heads, one standard size and one compact size along with two Hygienic travel caps. The product comes with a charger base with easy-wrap cord, one Brush head holder and one deluxe travel case.

The handle is tapered ergonomic to give you enough grip. Sonicare also allows you to set the speed from maximum to gentle to suit your needs and comfort. The brush also has a programmable quad pacer which helps you to have a thorough brushing. The e9500 is designed for your individual oral care needs. The Elite 9500 has patented sonic technology, high-speed bristle motion, and dynamic fluid cleaning action that gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and below the gum line. Sonicare is the only sonic toothbrushes with a slim angled neck, contoured-fit bristles and ultra high speed bristle speed for greater plaque removal in hard to reach areas.

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