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Handling the job interview

Friday, May 30th, 2008

When you go to an interview, you expect to answer a lot of questions. But have you thought about the questions you should be asking? An interview is a lot more than a way for the employer to get to know you. It is also your chance to learn about your employer and about the position offered. What you find out could make you realize that the job is not for you after all. Or it could reaffirm your stance that you really want the position. Before you meet with any potential employer, you should compile a list of questions to ask at a job interview. Do not read from your list. Writing your questions down should serve as a memory aid only.

Before you compile your list, study up on the company you are interviewing with. Find out how much compensation you should expect and how the company typically treats its employees. Think about the skills and qualifications you have to offer the company. How will you be able to best serve the company? The interview meeting provides the occasion to learn the answers you seek, but you need to have an idea of what you want to know before the interview so that you can get the most out of it.

No doubt, the most important thing on your mind will be money. How much compensation should you expect? What types of benefits are offered? Don’t worry about appearing greedy. It’s your wallet. You might require to earn a certain salary level to survive. If a company cannot afford to pay you what you need, you can save a lot of time if you know this before you go through the rest of the application process.

Ask what will be expected of you and what type of environment you will be required to work in. Do you think you can work in such an environment? What can you contribute to such an environment? You should also take this time to ask about performance reviews, bonuses and raises. How will your work be appraised and by who? When will you be eligible for a raise? How much should you expect? These are all questions to ask at a job interview.

Bring up any other concerns that you may have. If you’re looking for opportunity for advancement, it would be nice to know beforehand if the company promotes within or hires management from outside the company. If you want to work for a community-minded company, this is the time to find out how the company operates in the community.

If you forget questions to ask at a job interview but think of them later, call the employer. Most people will be more than happy to address any concerns that you have.

Engagement Party Etiquette

Thursday, February 14th, 2008
by Sck

Engagement Party Etiquette

Now that you have planned your engagement party, you should make sure that you follow the correct etiquettes for engagement party. Though there are no such hard and fast rules for engagement party etiquette, yet we bring you some very basic questions and situations that should be kept in mind while planning your engagement party. So check out some very popular and frequently asked queries about engagement party etiquettes.

  • Usually, engagement parties are held after the engagement and before the wedding. People usually keep the engagement party at least some months before the wedding.
  • Engagement parties are like an informal get together of close friends and relatives. So make sure you invite your first circle of friends and relatives. This way, the atmosphere is not too tense and everyone can have a fun time together.
  • There used to be a time when the bride’s parents used to host an engagement party to formally announce the engagement of their daughter. But now, anyone close to the family like a relative or a close friend can host the party. In some families, the groom’s parents also do not hesitate to host the party.
  • Many parties are hosted at the bride’s home with close friends and relatives. But it is not mandatory to host an engagement party always at the bride’s place. One can also arrange for it in a restaurant, club or a resort.
  • Gifts are not expected. If however someone brings a gift, accept it and don’t forget to give out party favors. The bride’s parents usually raise a toast in the honor of the bride and groom and it is usually done either at the end or just before food is served.

Business Etiquette Tips

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
by Sue

Business EtiquetteGood manners can be one of your most important assets. Just in case your career fate is in the hands of someone who is a stickler for proper manners, it might be wise to read and practice the following 10 business etiquette tips:

  • Know how to introduce your spouse

Do not say, “This is my wife, Mary.” Say instead, “This is Mary, my wife.” Why? When you put the description before the name, it implies that your spouse belongs to you, which is demeaning. The description after the name suggests an independent person who just happens to be married to you.

  • Do not become the office clown

A few people do this out of nervousness. Some do it merely to be liked, as it achieved that end in the past. But gaining a reputation as the office jokester can be detrimental to your long term career. The reasoning is simple: Coworkers are less likely to take you and your ideas seriously. If this advice contradicts your naturally jovial personality, here is an option. Maintain a low-key office persona during working hours and a lighter, less business-like persona after hours.

  • Do not get intoxicated at business-related functions

This is one of the biggest out-of-office blunders. Using profanity in the office is the only other blunder that tops this. For the record: If you care about your career and the way you are perceived by others, never — repeat, never — do either.

  • Do not give your boss a gift

Unless you have a personal relationship with your boss, do not give him or her a gift for holidays or birthdays. It is inappropriate, can be seen as apple-polishing, and puts the employer in an awkward situation. In general, try to downplay exchanging personal gifts in your office. An option is to create an office fund for purchasing birthday flowers or taking the employee to lunch.

  • Do not correct your boss in public

If a mistake was made, explain it in private. An exception: If you are in a meeting and your boss makes a major error in his or her statements, you can speak up gently with something like: The last figure I got was $2 million, not $4 million, Jim.

  • Rise and shake hands during business introductions

In a business situation, when anyone enters the room and is being introduced, stand and shake hands. Contrary to popular belief, it does not matter who puts their hand out first. Another sidebar: Before a staff meeting starts, wait in the conference room for the person who called the meeting to arrive; remain standing until they enter and let them take the best seat.

  • Avoid sexual harassment

Play it safe and err on the side of caution. Some men still feel obligated to tell a female colleague or client how nice she looks since she changed her hairstyle or how attractive an outfit looks on her. However, such comments denigrate your business relationship. Save such compliments for personal friends.

  • Mind your mealtime manners

When calling to extend a breakfast or lunch invitation, you should clearly and immediately establish yourself as the host. When it’s time to pay the bill, the rule is simple — the host pays.

Business Style for Men

Monday, January 28th, 2008
  • Socks

Men who wear white socks with pants or a suit should remember that thereby they originally become outsiders not only in business world but in female as well. You can wear white socks only being outdoors during your weekend. There is one standing rule in business life: your socks should match the color of your pants. It’s rather difficult; moreover it takes a lot of time. But on the other hand rightly chosen socks won’t be an eyesore to those around you. But anyway be careful: there are several hidden agendas here. First - in no circumstances put on socks with elephants or bears! Second - the more synthetic your socks are, the stronger is the risk that your feet will sweat.

  • Male shirt

To choose a good and appropriate male shirt is a real art. You should feel comfortable in it. It has to be comfy and fit well. And some words about short-sleeved shirt. It was forbidden in the business world to wear short-sleeved shirt even in a very hot weather for a rather long period of time, but nowadays it becomes an everyday occurrence.

  • A tie

Buying a tie, pay attention to its quality! There should be muslin stuff in it. About a bow-tie we can say the following: it immediately hits the eye in the business world and its wearer is perceived as an eccentric and creative personality. A bow-tie is obligatory for an evening suit or a tuxedo.

  • A belt

Pants should always be wearable with a belt no matter you need it or not. In general you can keep to one rule: if there are special loops for a belt - there should certainly be a belt. Don’t buy a too long or a too short belt. A belt should always match your shoes color. Don’t wear “loud” belts.

  • Shoes

Buying shoes, pay attention to their quality. Of course good shoes are not cheap. But this approach is well-taken because expensive shoes will serve you for a long time. Find one-two shoes producers who make good and comfy shoes - they’ll always have what you need. Have at least four pairs of shoes. It won’t be a mistake to buy a pair of black shoes.

  • A jacket

A jacket has to be very comfy. If you put on a jacket that doesn’t fit well, then you’ll be out of sorts. Preferred colors of a business jacket or a suit are light gray, anthracite, black, blue and dark-blue. A pattern: fine stripes, herring-bone or small checks. Fabric plays a very important role. Quality but not number has to be on the first place. The most comfy for wearing is a jacket made of natural wool.

  • Pants

The same as with a jacket, pants have to be of high-quality. Don’t economize here. Think that you’ll be sitting for hours driving or being at a conference. They shouldn’t be crumpled or knee-elongated. Business pants have to be of muted colors: gray, anthracite, black or dark blue. Leave your fustian or tweed pants for weekends.

  • Watches

Leave your solid-state watch to go for a gym or for a country picnic. Only classic models with hands are suitable for a business suit. An ideal variant is a watch with Swiss mechanisms. A company chief should have only such kind of watches by his status. Of course not everybody can afford such kind of watches. But it’s not so important. You can choose a stylish quartz watch on a leather wristlet.

Etiquette Rules For Children

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Etiquette for Children

  • How to Dine

When invited to a pre-arranged meal, always use your utensils from the “outside in.” After all, utensils are set in the order that food will be served.

  • Telephone Manners

When calling a friend, identify yourself to the person who answers the phone before asking to speak your friend. By doing so, the parents or other family member who answer the phone will appreciate this courtesy and see you as friendly.

  • On Correspondence

Anytime it takes someone more than 15 minutes to do something for you, send the person a thank-you note. By doing so, the person will know you really appreciated what was done for you.

  • Be Gracious

When you are sent an invitation that requires an RSVP, be sure to let the person know if you will be able to go to the gathering. After all, “RSVP” means “respond if you please.”

  • Shoes Are Important

When getting dressed each day, be sure that your shoes are well-maintained. People associate the way you take care of your shoes with the way you handle detail in the rest of your life.

  • Be Open to New Foods

When you are invited out to eat and are served a food that is not your favorite, try a piece of it anyway. You may be surprised and find that you end up liking it.

  • Ask Questions

When talking with friends and family, always make a point of asking them questions about themselves. People will see you as interesting if you are interested in them.

  • At the Table

When eating a roll, be sure to break off a bite-sized piece at a time. No bread-and-butter sandwiches, please.

  • Be Friendly

When you are in school, be cool by making a point to talk with that new kid in your class. If the tables were turned, wouldn’t that make you feel good?

  • The Rule of Twelve

When talking with others, always use a form of thanks and the person’s name in the first 12 words you speak.

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