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Simple Weight Loss Habits

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

For losing weight we actually get ready for doing anything we are suggested to do. We start having things which we don’t even like to have. Some diets ask us to abstain from eating to the point of starving or would only allow us to eat the most complicated food from which we get bored or get confused.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, to get rid off this you should revert to the simple weight loss habits and avoid dieting. It has been proved to be effective in weight loss. These simple habits if kept in mind can keep the pounds away making you healthier and slimmer.

Simple Weight Loss Habits

1. Avoid checking your weight every day: When you check your weight daily and you find it is not reducing you tend to lose motivation. You may even think of putting a full stop in your daily exercise routine.

2. Eat small bites and chew slowly and completely: When you eat small bites and chew it slowly it will make you feel fuller faster and you will eat less.

3. Avoid eating snacks anytime and anywhere: Keep your diet plans and eat accordingly. If you eat before leaving the house for an event such as watching a movie, you are less likely to be tempted to buy food and having it.

4. Avoid eating in working areas: When one is stressed, eating can alleviate it. If we eat while working we often overeat or we eat what’s available at work.


Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Now a days everyone wish to reduce weight and that to at once for which they go crazy and start out on a new fitness plan each and every day.

We would suggest that instead of changing your diet plans everyday what you need to do is to take small steps rather than changing your meal menu completely. Dieting may help you in weight loss but will lead to weakness as well. Your meal should give you a complete nourishment and health rather than just filling your stomach.

Nutrition tips

With few of our nutrition tips it will be easy for you to reduce weight at a healthier pace.

1. Be sure to have your breakfast daily. Don’t skip or avoid it, it is an important meal of the day. You should have a healthy breakfast daily.

2. You should have atleast one serving of fresh fruits or vegetables a day. Start with one and once you feel comfortable, increase that number periodically until you reach 8 to 10 a day. This will provide you with the necessary fiber.

3. Never ever increase your meal portions thinking that you might be getting more nutrition if you have more.

4. Avoid eating while watching television or doing any other activity. Keep yourself cool and clam and enjoy every bite of your meal and think of it as nourishment for your body.

5. Your dinner plate should consist of 50% of vegetables, only 25 % meat and the rest of 25 % can be whole grains.

6. Getting enough fiber can also help curb your hunger and help you feel satisfied, which can help with weight management.

Green vegetables - A green approach to good health

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

No other food provides as much nutritional punch as dark greens. Eating plenty of dark green vegetables is the single best principle to follow for optimal health.

Green vegetable salad

Though it’s a great idea and is always good to eat plenty of raw vegetables, it’s also an excellent idea to eat some cooked greens. Commonly available dark greens include broccoli, kale, chard and spinach. The preferred cooking method is steaming vegetables, which causes minimal loss of nutrients. Cooking helps in softening the fiber in greens, thereby making it easier for your body to access the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found within.

After eating your greens every day you will notice a significant lift in energy. Another way to fully extract all of the nutrients is to drink freshly pressed or blended green vegetable juices. This will provide you with a number of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients right into your bloodstream.


Feng Shui Diet Tips

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Feng Shui has powerful impact on the people’s subconscious who actually believe in it. As far as feng shui dieting is concerned, you’ve got everything to lose and nothing to gain and that’s the reason why it’s such a good way to promote weight loss.

Rather then counting calories and fighting cravings you can promote wellness through a careful selection of shapes, colors and materials. It’s Not What You Eat, But Where You Eat It. There are the basic concepts and rules for the Feng Shui Diet. However, if you’d like to lose weight faster you can try out advanced methods also. Try out these following suggestions these are inexpensive and easy to execute.

Feng Shui Diet

1.Eat in Square dishes these are better than round dishes when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight. That’s because squares radiate contentment, while circles invite curiosity.

2.Don’t go for bright colors in your kitchen if you’re really serious about sticking to your diet paint your kitchen or dining room an earthy color like brown, goldenrod, beige or pumpkin. Mellow earthy tones promote fulfillment whereas bright colors stimulate the appetite and your meals will be more satisfying and you won’t be tempted to over eat.

3.If you have an odd number of people in your family, add an extra chair to the table. An even number of table settings will make you feel relaxed, whereas an odd number will heighten your awareness. The more tranquil your eating environment will be more it will be easy to stick to your diet.

4.Hang a mirror in your eating area within clear vision of your seat because mirrors aid focus. This will help you to stay committed to your fitness goals and will make you more mindful of what and how much you’re eating.

5.The more streamlined your household, the easier it will be to lose weight. If you’re about to cut calories rid your home of junk clear all the clutter. Start with the kitchen, which represents your physical well-being clean out your refrigerator, throwing out spoiled food and wiping down the shelves. Move on to the cupboards if you have any dry or canned goods that you haven’t eaten in a year dispose it off, sell any appliances you rarely use. Then tackle the bathroom, which represents self-care. Relegate outdated prescriptions and cosmetics to the trash.

6.Put a ticking clock in your eating area this will remind you to slow down and enjoy your meal. Chewing your food will improve your digestion while bolting your food can result in overeating and indigestion.

7.Americans are accustomed to eating huge portions, which have led to a nationwide weight problem. To reduce the size of your meals without feeling deprived, invest in smaller dishes. That way, you can clean your plate and still stay slim.

8.The more colorful the food on your plate, the more nutritious it probably is. Have a balanced meal meat, fruit and vegetables should take up two-thirds of the plate, while carbohydrates should comprise the remaining third.

9.Start fixing your own meals that will give you a greater measure of control over ingredients, portions and food presentation. The simple act of substituting whole milk with low fat can make a huge difference to your waistline.

10.Explore healthy living get your mind, body and spirit in sync with a personalized diet and fitness. Take a realistic approach to thirty days of fitness based on the movements of moon.

11.Paint your dining room red, which will make your fat cells angry. And, as everyone knows, an angry fat cell burns more calories than a happy fat cell.

12.Place a large mirror inside your refrigerator. This will make it seem like you’re serving yourself twice as much as you really are.

13.Eat your heaviest meals usually breakfast, lunch, and dinner while sitting under wind chimes. Wind chimes stimulate good chi and good chi is what moves that cheese cake from your thighs to places it won’t show like your feet. If loud enough, wind chimes will also prevent you from falling asleep after a big meal.

All In One Almond - A Cool Nut Known For Healthy Food And Nutrition

Thursday, June 11th, 2009
by Sck

Almonds are a very useful food. This nut packs in quite a punch. Mineral-Rich almond nuts are good for bone and cardiovascular health.
What’s the connection between almonds and good health? Almond nuts are a nutritionally dense food making them a good dietary choice. Almonds in fact are a nutritional powerhouse and a natural source of most of the rare nutrients the human body needs for optimal health. As well, almonds are high in fiber which has been shown to play a protective role in relation to heart disease and diabetes.
Almonds are one of the world’s oldest cultivated and rare fruit that is available throughout the year and can be eaten all the times. A sheer variety in which almonds can be consumed and used makes it a fruit for all the seasons.

Over the years, almonds have proved their nutritional attributes and socio-cultural importance. From Rome to Sweden and US to India, almonds have been referred to as symbol of fortune, happiness and health.

How Can You Use Almonds?

For one, it enhances any dish it is added to. But more importantly this cool nut is a hit with most health conscious people in all seasons. According to researchers at Tufts University in US, a 28 gram serving of almonds packs same level of flavonoid antioxidants as a serving of cooked broccoli or brewed green or a black tea. Just a handful of almonds can provide an individual with heart healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, protein, fiber, potassium, magnesium and iron.

There is nothing like a good breakfast to kick start a day and adding almonds in your breakfast would be the right option. The brown covering of the almond nut should be removed before eaten by small children, old people or those with a weakened condition. This covering is difficult to digest unless thoroughly chewed, but can be removed by dipping the nuts briefly in boiling water (process is called blanching).
Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds and Minerals - Almond nuts offer a unique blend of minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium that are beneficial to bone health. Additional nutrients in almonds are copper, zinc, and iron.
Almonds and Vitamin E - Almonds are a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that can cut risk of certain cancers, cataracts and heart disease.

Almonds and Folic Acid - Almond nuts are a source of folic acid, which helps in making red blood cells and in protecting against heart disease and stroke.
Almonds and Phytochemicals - Almonds also contain phytochemicals that may render protection against heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

“FDA Gives Almonds Heart Health Nod,” in a clinical trial conducted at the University of Toronto, test subjects who ate one ounce of almonds per day lowered their LDL cholesterol by 4.4% from baseline. Subjects who doubled their almond intake saw a greater drop in LDL.

Eating Almonds for Good Health

  • You can make your own nutritious almond nut butter, blending almonds with a little oil in a food processor until smooth. Use as a spread on toast or crackers or as a sandwich filling.
  • Mix ¼ cup of blanched, ground almonds with 1 cup of water in a blender for creamy almond milk, which is delicious over cereal. Almond milk can be sweetened with vanilla or honey to taste.
  • Dress up steamed green beans with a little butter, Parmesan, and slivered almonds
  • Add chopped almond nuts to soups for extra goodness
  • Toss a green salad with slivered almonds
  • Coat chicken with chopped almond nuts for delicious almond chicken
  • Add chopped almonds to granola or oatmeal
  • Add blanched, ground almonds to shortbread cookies, replacing ¼ cup of flour with ground almonds

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