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All About Teleconferencing

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
by Sck

Author: Arkadin

Teleconferencing technology  has helped businesses to improve their long distance communications, via telecommunication methods. It has not only helped businesses to improve their productivity through better communications, but has also made it possible for them to save huge amounts on travelling expenses and heavy telephone bills. With the fast growing popularity of teleconferencing, more and more numbers of companies are catching onto its wave and reaping many benefits.
Teleconferencing is not just the name of a particular technology. It has got various forms. Three way calling is the simplest form of teleconferencing technology. This form of teleconferencing helps to bring together several individuals located at different locations and allow them to talk to each other at the same time. Many organizations, with offices at different locations, make use of this technology on a daily basis to maintain regular communications between the employees. It is possible to conduct  teleconferencing online  as well.
Teleconferencing makes it possible for companies to conduct business briefings, workshops, employee training sessions, seminars, meetings, lectures etc, between different individuals, even if they are separated by distance.
Teleconferencing offers many benefits. It helps individuals as well as organizations to communicate with each other at a very little expense. It helps to save both, time and money, yet helps in better productivity. Employees placed in different locations can be easily kept up to date and informed about important issues immediately. Special meetings and seminars are also conducted with the help of this technology. But teleconferences need to be planned effectively for the best results.
Business organizations are effectively utilizing the many benefits offered by  teleconferencing . Experts believe that this technology has a very promising future and can take every organization to great heights of success.

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About the Author:
The authoress is a business writer and has done her masters in Business Administration. Visit at  Arkadin  to know more about  Audio Conferencing  and  web conferencing .

VoIP Introduces Unique Call Termination Service

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
by Sck

Author: Kristen

The VoIP Call termination service follows a certain route that allows voice to be terminated from one end to another. This route makes it possible for people to send voice files in packet forms. The users can avail the services at a very affordable call cost. It sends files in packet forms and so file transfer becomes very simple using this technology. The process is fast and the users can send files of any type using this technology.  The user-friendliness of the system allows people to access the call termination service from any place of the world. This is simply because internet is brought to use for establishing  VoIP call termination  service. This telephony service is unique in comparison to the traditional forms of connectivity. It makes use of digital technology and so data and files can be transferred easily without any hassles. So, a  VoIP call  can be terminated with ease at any place of the world.  People can talk for long hours with this call termination service. They can chat for hours and also share files with other users. The conference calling service enables people to involve a number of VoIP users while conversing using this calling service. The VoIP calls, thus, make it possible to involve lot of people and to conference with each other from different parts of the world.  It is also true that a number of service providers have emerged in the form of wholesalers and retailers. There are providers who belong to a higher category and are termed as tier 1. Then there are also other forms of providers that lease services from the higher tiers and they belong to Tier 2 or Tier 3 categories. Thus the users are left with a number of options for achieving  VoIP termination  service. Moreover, the users can access the services from remote places of the world as the service providers have reached every region of the world.  The service can now be accessed on mobile phones too. This is what makes it possible for people to access telephony services even while they are on a move. It is also true that laptops can be used for the same purpose. The reason why this technology is superior to traditional telephony is that the technology brings other facilities of file transfer, conference and data transfer in addition to voice calls. These facilities are made available to people simultaneously using VoIP whereas the traditional telephone users are devoid of it. So, availing VoIP termination service is more beneficial to the users.

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About the Author:
For more information, visit: VoIP  call termination  service offered by one of the best  VoIP service  provider.

Audio and Web Conferencing Technologies

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
by Sck

Author: Arkadin

Audio conferencing  is a technology which facilitates two or more individuals to speak to each other at the same time, even if they are separated by vast distances.
In an audio conference, regular phones and VoIP technology are used as communication tools between participants. If the regular phones are used, then each participant dials in and communicates with each other over the same phone line. If VoIP technology is used in place of regular phones, then, the participants connect headphones and microphones to their computers and communicate with each other over the internet.
Web conferencing is a technology which facilitates sharing of photographs and videos, along with audio messages in a conference.
In a   web conference  , individuals can use their computer systems to share important documents and other information with each other. Therefore, a number of individuals can work on the same documents, blueprints and software applications at the same time. Every individual participating in the conference is able to view the same display on their computer screens. With the use of special applications and software, the users can also create diagrams and pictures for demonstrating ideas to other members present in the conference.
Audio and   web conferencing technologies have   been found to be  a useful medium of business communications by different organizations.
There are many benefits of using   audio and web conferencing  . The basic benefit is that, these technologies cut down traveling expenses to a great extent. Next, they facilitate the arrangement of important meetings within a few minutes. Most importantly, these technologies help organizations to maintain a regular and effective communication, both internally and externally.

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About the Author:
The authoress is a business writer and has done her masters in Business Administration. Visit at  Arkadin  to know more about  Audio Conferencing  and  web conferencing .

The Prevalence of Live Web Cast

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
by Sck

Author: John Davis

A web cast is purely a relay over the internet. The term was coined in the 1990s when the internet first progressed to take over the lives of persons throughout the world. Today a live webcast is there just about in every place you look on the internet. Most news outlets are now using video to report their news stories in its place of print. If you want a live webcast network, it is comparatively easy to do. You can merely get a digital camcorder and film your internet webcast. Then you can download the video into the computer and even exhibit it free on areas like You Tube as well as a number of other outlets. You can even use a free web casting to encourage a product or conduct an online seminar. Some people use this technology to educate a class. More and more colleges are using this technology to educate definite classes so that students can learn from their computers. This is the wave of the future and as camcorder prices have reached an all time low down, as have computers, we can expect additional video stars to come out of the woodwork.
In order to create a live web cast, you primarily need a script. You should also perform the script several times before filming. You want to make certain that it looks professional. While you may not desire to look stiff and rehearsed, you also do not want to be doubtful over words with “uh” and “um” every few seconds because it will turn off a viewer. You should have the camera on a tripod or some other still area. Someone holding it and filming you is going to give you insecure images and make your viewers faint. The camera should be motionless. Backgrounds should be nonaligned and background noise non existent. There are sound stages that you can hire or you can make your own. You want the webcast to look expert. Unless it is part of the video, noise and other distractions should be avoided. Get yourself some good video editing software. This can help you really get rid of any sound or any other problems with the video. Video editing software is a necessity if you are going to do your own live web casts in the future. You will get back the cost of the software in no time flat, especially if you are paying someone to edit your film.
A live webcast can be used just about anyplace on the internet. Anyplace you can put text, you can put film. You can exploit it on your website to advance your product, you can put it on free video sites such as YouTube for self promotion or you can also use it as an instruction tool. It stores like text and is trouble-free to use. Video editing software is not costly and is, for the most part, user friendly. You no longer have to be a computer expert to live webcast on the internet. And there are so many different things you can use the videos to encourage, even yourself. Just get your script prepared and away you go.

Article Source:

About the Author:
John Davis is an expert writer for Myexpertlink website - a place where you get  Live Webcasts  and  Free Webcasting   from experts on wealth management, health, travel, stocks and shares, and a lot more.

Tips Internet Video Conferencing

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Internet Video ConferencingVideo conference is not just for communicating with business associates. Families can stay connected and so can friends from all across the globe. Cyberspace and the Internet has changed lifestyles and lives forever. You don’t even need email if you can video conference with your friends or loved ones who are miles away.

If you want to use Internet Video conferencing effectively here are some tips and factors that will help in effective Internet video conferencing, especially for the official or business kind.

  • Devices

While using Internet Video Conference you need to have the right kind of devices. You will need a powerful Internet connection, one with a large bandwidth. The most popular bandwidths are Ethernet and ISDN. Also make sure that your computer is set up with the necessary camera and speaker and microphone.

  • Illumination

The whole point of ‘video’ conferencing is that the person with whom you are conferencing can see you. The illumination must be appropriate for this and so should the lighting. There should be fluorescent lights placed in strategic places. But do not set up lights behind the speaker, as this will hamper visibility.

  • Eye contact

Do not use cue cards while you are on an Internet video conference. This just makes it look like you are giving a presentation, and to be quite honest the person on the other end will know that you are using cue cards. It is best to maintain eye contact or in this case virtual eye contact during the entire period of the conference.

  • Ear contact

Now this is a term one would think they haven’t heard. This means that the audio of the video conference needs to be appropriate, as you need to listen carefully and respond to the other person. Talk slowly and distinctly for the other person to understand what you are saying. Do not sound bored or monotonous.

  • Visual aids

Use other aids during the presentation like props or photographs this makes it more interesting than a boring conference where the people are only speaking and doing nothing else.

  • Exchanges

It is advisable that you pause between statements and allow the other person to speak and interact with you. A video conference is not a monologue it is a dialog between two or more people. This improves the overall interaction in the process of the conference.

  • Etiquette

There is something called etiquette that needs to be maintained at all times. It is just a few levels of decorum that need to be maintained while you are in the process of video conferencing. Yawning, fidgeting and irrelevant banter is frowned up.

All these factors or tips will ensure that your Internet Video conference is a success. If need be use a moderator for official and business purposes. Otherwise all you have to do is be clear, hear and be heard.

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