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Need for the soft skills

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

A serious problem is staring India’s higher education in the face. It’s about the misalignment between education and employment.

We proudly claim to have the largest pool of engineers. This is the source which forms the backbone of India’s rapidly growing IT industry along with the other sectors. But, India’s HUGE pool of young graduates actually has fewer numbers of apt candidates employable by MNCs and their off shoring arms. In fact, only 25% of India’s engineering graduates are considered employable material by MNCs. The quality of education in India varies widely and while IITs and NITs are world class, other engineering colleges are nowhere close. Many factors contribute to melancholy: outdated curriculum, obsolete equipments, teachers who don’t update their knowledge base, management that lacks commitment to academic excellence, rote learning, exam oriented teaching, lack of activity-based learning through team effort and lack of practical training.

The Most Valuable Employee

The principal failure of our University system is that students are not taught “soft skills”- the competency to discuss, analyze, innovate and communicate. The findings of the committee set up by University of Mumbai found 42 affiliated engineering colleges falling way below the standards set by AICTE, and it even included reasonably well known colleges such as Rizvi College and KJ Somaiya, Sion.

Below are the few measures from a student’s viewpoint which can make him a better graduate:-

1. Opportunities for students to do short term or certificate courses along with the degree courses. These courses should be linked to areas in which employment opportunities are opening.

2. A common curriculum and syllabus throughout the country along the guidelines of the IITs.3. Emphasis on practical training rather than theoretical.

4. A semester dedicated for Industrial training and honing technical skills under the guidance of the experts, which is absent in many major universities & colleges.

5. Since the university system is not making the graduates compatible, many companies have to spend substantial resources to train fresh recruits. An “Industry based” syllabi is the need of the hour to produce “Industry ready Engineers”. The government currently spends only 0.1% of GDP on technical Education, which is a very miniscule number.

This apart, only 4% of India’s graduates are engineers whereas this figure is as high as 20% in Germany and 30% in China. Consequently, as recommended by Moily Oversight Committee, new IITs and NITs should be setup every year all over the country, in order to counter the shortage of quality engineers. In India most of the top Engineering graduates emigrate.

NASSCOM estimates deficit of about 5 lakh employable graduates by 2010. Hence, it is important to ensure steady supply of young graduates so that India does not lose the advantage of having a large population.

India has a long way to go, both in terms of quality and quantity in higher education. An urgent reform in education has become a necessity. Since our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh himself has once served as the chairman of UGC, we hope he will push for the reforms in the education system which will propel us in achieving the status of a developed nation.

Wedding Planners….Really works?

Friday, May 2nd, 2008
by Sue
You just got engaged! The ring is stunning and all you can think of is how you must start planning right away! Most brides wait about ten minutes after they get engaged to start thinking about wedding plans.
Let’s start it; planning a wedding is not an easy task. It can be really stressful to make sure every little detail is covered. That is why many brides choose to get a wedding planner. If you have seen the movies, you know that wedding planners should be the perfect way to plan a stress-free wedding. Of course, that is not always how it works.

The trick is to get a really professional wedding planner. A professional wedding planner will make sure everything goes off without a glitch on your wedding day. But, if you choose to use a friend or someone just starting out in the business, you might be causing yourself more stress by having a wedding planner than you would without one! Certain people need wedding planners more than others.

Are you constantly working? Are you planning your wedding in less than four months?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you might want to get a wedding planner to help you out. The last thing you want to do is feel beset by planning and not enjoy the joy of being engaged and getting married! Wedding planners are typically not cheap to hire.

So you need to think about that before you choose to hire one! You can find wedding planners that allow you to buy “planning packages” for your entire planning process. These are often great if you want to know how much your planner will charge, upfront. Others will charge by the hour or even take the total cost of the wedding and figure out a rate using a standard formula.

Food, Shelter and… Telephones

Thursday, April 24th, 2008
by Sue

food shelter telephone
It’s true that people prefer to buy phone than cloths. Now any one whether he is rickshaw puller or a vegetable vendor all owe a cell phone.

As per Maslow hierarchy needs food occupies the first position because one need to satisfy his appetite. Then the place for shelter comes to protect them from heat, rain. But now telephone has taken the place of cloths.

Now as per food needs many FMCG firms have come up such as Mc Donalds , Narulas etc. There is a wide range in food varieties now.

Now many telecom sector realized that this is the best growing sector and so every company started making mobiles phone and recently a new mobile phone is launched named Spice S 500.and also reliance has also launched its new scheme of STD charges at Rs.1/min.

Earlier the rates were high and it was heavy to our pocket but now it is filling our pocket because of the outsourcing. All the transactions are made on phone which there by becomes the source of income.

When we talk about phone the idea of internet came. It provides us with so much information .we can have the knowledge of the thing by just clicking the mouse. So telephone thus is now become one of the necessity.

Top 5 Summer Essentials

Friday, March 7th, 2008

a-line skirtSummer is here and its time to get ready for the scorching sun and heat. You need to have a few must have’s in your summer wardrobe that is not only stylish and trendy but will also help you combat the warm temperature.

  • A-line skirt

The A-line skirt is a classic, and is probably one of the best items a curvy gal can own. It’s fitted at the waist and flairs out. It doesn’t hug in unflattering spots, and is usually knee length.

  • Capris

CaprisCapris are a really cool way to dress down this summer. Get a pair of denim or khaki ones, and pair them with either plain or fun printed shirts. If you’re going to go with capris that have a pattern, stay away from anything too large. The bigger the print, the bigger you’ll look.

  • Sarong

Sarong’s are awesome for summer, and really help add sophistication to what otherwise could be a fairly boring swimsuit. They’re flirty and light, and can be worn so many ways: short, long, tied in the front or on the side. Definitely a must-have.

  • Built in bra tops

Go in for tanks, halter and tube tops that have built in bras, they are the in-thing. You don’t need to worry about bra straps or not having the support you need.

  • Shorts

Shorts are the perfect summer wear. Exactly how short you go is all up to you. And keep in mind that attitude is crucial for pulling off certain lengths. Another factor is balance. Skimpy tops and little bottoms just don’t work, no matter how hot the weather is. Selecting the perfect pair depends a lot on your height, your assets and any problem areas you wish to downplay.

Dress Styles According To Your Body Shape

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

dress style

Do you know your trapeze dress from your baby doll? Your mini from your maxi? With so many dress styles to choose from this season, find one that flatters your body type

Empire Line

  • A very flattering dress for almost any figure as the waistline is raised above the natural waist, which also may fall right below the bust. Good for shorter, petite figures and those with big tums as the empire dress creates the illusion of length and skims the body, camouflaging wide hips or a thick waist.
  • The baby doll and the empire-line dress are not mutually exclusive, but the empire had a more feminine/mature bust and can also be full-length.The high waist is usually complemented with a deep V-neckline, rather than the more babyish round-neck.


  • Spring and Summer fashion trends of 2008 sees a continued revival of this Great Gatsby classic. Beads, fringes and ruffles give a new twist to the vintage dresses of the 1920s. Figure-friendly for most, as they fall straight, skimming the body. Flapper dresses are sleeveless by tradition, often with drop-waists. Teem it with a flapper headband, red-hot this season.

Kaftan (or Caftan)

  • The kaftan is the universal cover-up on the beach. Long or short sleeved it has re-emerged as a fashion icon, “swamping the sarong and overpowering the pareo to become the mainstay of the holiday wardrobe.” says It can also be worn as a tunic top over skinny jeans or a full length glamorous gown for evening wear.


  • This covers a wide range of styles but basically denotes a short dress, above the knee. 2008 sees a real contrast of styles are both the mini and the maxi vie for a place on the copy-catwalks of the high-street. Pair a mini dress with wedges or flats.
  • More mature women should balance out the shortness of the dress by wearing it with leggings or pants. Younger ones can wear it with coloured opaque tights, one of the fashion must-haves this season.


  • A figure-friendly dress-style for all shapes and sizes. Floaty and feminine, covering hips, tums and bums. Avoid volumnous skirts if you are petite and wear a maxi with platform shoes or wedges to lengthen the silhouette.


  • Also known as a tent or sack, this is a dress that’s shaped like a trapezoid with the cut jutting out and away from the body.
  • To qualify as a trapeze dress the cut must be above the knee and have no waistline, with the skirt taking on an A-line shape. To carry off this style you need to be more of an average frame than petite. To balance out the full skirt make sure the shoulders are a good fit and a banded neckline can add defi

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