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Utilizing Corporate Gifts to Maximize Its Benefit For Your Company

Friday, May 1st, 2009
by Sck

 by Kris Lee

Whether you work in a small business or a mega corporation, corporate gifts are a regular part of the workplace. Either way, corporate gifts can range from an award to recognize an outstanding employee to gift baskets to celebrate a company’s landmark anniversary; corporate gifts are prevalent in every business or office. It’s basic etiquette to give a gift to a loyal client for a large purchase or during the holiday season.

With the way businesses are going, companies really need to consider where their money is being invested and whether certain costs are really necessary. Although it may seem tempting to eliminate corporate gifts from the budget, reconsider this. With loyal clients now wavering to look for other budget friendly sources, you may want to take the opportunity to kindly remind them why they’ve stuck with you in the past.

Maybe you don’t have enough clients. A great way to introduce your company and be memorable is to hand out gifts to promote your company. Big or small, you need to leave an impression with your clients. Don’t forget those within your own workforce. If you’ve had to lay off some employees and have left the other employees picking up the pieces, show them you appreciate them for weathering the storm with you with a gift of gratitude.

Corporate gifts are little packages of appreciation given tastefully and appropriately so that you can convey your company’s message while keeping within the lines of a business relationship. They can also serve a second, and slightly deviant, purpose to act as a promotional product.

Place your name and company logo on your corporate gift and you’ve invested in a cleverly hidden advertisement that will hopefully receive multiple impressions a day, without them even knowing it! Of course the real reason is to show that you care and pay attention to your client, because the more personable your gift the better.

Say for instance that you have a client who enjoys a nice glass of wine. This client may even consider himself or herself a wine connoisseur. You could buy them a nice bottle of their favorite wine, but after they drink the bottle it will be (hopefully) recycled, and how will they remember who gave them that delicious bottle of wine?

Take this corporate wine gift a step further by personalizing the bottle with your company logo and their name on the bottle, along with a quick message to show your appreciation and gratitude. Now you’ve done multiple things with your one corporate gift:

• You’ve given a gift, which shows you care about your client

• You’ve catered the gift to your client’s specific tastes, which makes them appreciate the gift a bit more as compared to something they may not particularly enjoy

• You’ve branded this gift, inconspicuously, with your logo and name. Well done!

Clients don’t drink wine? Try gift baskets with tasty goodies for clients with a sweet tooth, personalized mugs for coffee drinkers, or a travel case for the client always on the go. Get creative; the recipient will surely take notice.

Each company should consider corporate gifts, as a gift of gratitude and promotional item, in their future business plans. It is a tool that is widely recognized but rarely used to its full potential.

The idea is to take a little time and invest within the relationships between your company and loyal and/or future customers. You don’t need an excuse to send someone a gift, so take a chance to see a corporate gift’s potential for business and overall morale.

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personalized wine

Google Ads Free! Review

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
by Sck

by L. Harvey


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The main idea of Google Ads Free is to buy adwords to generate traffic to a website where your website contains ads for other websites. You collect money from these advertisers, when you generate more than you spend, your google ads are free.

Google Ads can be risky depending on how much money you are willing to spend. On the other hand Pay-per-click can work in your favor and you can make a lot of money. Before diving head first into this program it would be smart to set a budget and make decisions based on money that you already have.

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Review Home Based Businesses and Online Money Making Opportunities.

Cheap Janitorial and Hospital Supplies for a Growing Business

Monday, April 27th, 2009
by Sck

by Andrew Beene

Venturing into business in this time of economic crunch is not easy especially if you are a newbie in the business industry. One of the many important things you should prioritize is having sufficient supplies to run your business smoothly.

For a business that would involve cleaning and maintenance, for instance, you would definitely need janitorial supplies. If you’re planning to put up a clinic or hospital in Georgia, hospital supplies should top your list.

No business can prosper without the proper supplies that would sustain its operation.

Be practical and realistic. We may be facing days of economic recession but there are many suppliers of cheaper products that are of high quality and can be of use in your business. You can get these supplies cheaper by the dozen.

Most schools and universities avail cheap school supplies like papers, desks, chairs and tables over a bargain. The same can be said of cheap office supplies.

Having the ability and patience to hunt down the best dealer of cheap but quality supplies can guarantee huge savings on your part.

Even church organizations nowadays meticulously choose their dealer for church furniture supplies. They see to it that they acquire durable church supplies guaranteed to last in the years to come.

Back to janitorial supplies and products, you don’t need to go through a grueling research on which products to buy. All cleaning products practically work the same way and produce the same results.

The only thing you need to compare is the price difference of each product. Since you will be buying in bulk, it is advisable to look for a wholesale dealer and purchase here.

Janitorial supplies are usually comprised of soaps, powdered or solid detergent, rags, window cleaners, toilet and floor cleaners. These products are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk in wholesale stores.

Perhaps, you’ll only be spending more for electrical appliances like the floor polisher which can cost around $300 to $400.

Using cleaning products ensures a spotless work or living environment. A well-cleaned place allows one to have a productive day, while a dirty work environment only serves a distraction to those dwelling in it.

About the Author

The author is a registered web copywriter in a web design company associated with a company offering hospital supplies Georgia.

Ez2X2 a financial bailout that works

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
by Sck

 by Bill Gowder

Ez2X2 a financial bailout that works  Subject: Worried About Your Financial Future?

Take Action Now, for you and your family. Quickly leverage a one time $7.00 dollars into an Impressive Residaul Income!

From here…. The Sky Is The Limit!

The economy is in the tank, and everything is tightening up, but our community is here to empower as many people as we can the opportunity to live “Their Dream”, without having to spend a whole lot of money!

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About the Author

Netrepenuer,golfer,fisherman, all around sports fan.

How to properly use Flash on a website

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
by Sck

by Joe Keny

Business Flash can be an excellent addition to your website if used correctly. You must flash your website as friendly as possible, so that visitors are not annoyed with the controls or the site of the slow loading time .

Use of Flash on a website professional

avoid a long flash intro unless it lends directly to brand your company. Always allow users to skip a flash intro, even if it is loaded. Flash intros tend to annoy customers who are pressed .

sure your flash site works. This means that the tests in all browsers at different levels of bandwidth. Customers can grow tired of controls that are not what they should do or ask them to reload the flash each time they return to a previous page .

Keep your navigation simple. The natural instinct of visitors to your website is to use the back button integrated into the browser, causing the flash to reboot. Make sure your navigation is clearly labeled and highlighted .

Consider using tutorials and flash demos linked from your website HTML. This gives users the ability to view (and to learn about your company), before looking through a flash site. The added flash elements add-on to create interactivity, without sacrificing load time and ease of use .

sure to optimize each page with flash animation and a title and description . When used properly, flash sites can still maintain a decent ranking on search engines use small flash .

additions or ads that are located on a portion of your website. Small, interactive flash improvements can add some Pizazz to the page without overloading the user .

Keep it simple. Avoid using Flash for sites that contain many pages and text content. Flash Business websites should be more concise and visually based. Online stores with many products are generally better designed in something other than flash .

Optimize your flash movies displayed on the Web. Naturally small files load faster. When visitors are in a hurry, they do not want to wait a few minutes for your site to load, no matter how it be in May.
This article is written by Free Article Tool.

About the Author

Joe Keny - Everthing about business.The above article can be found in How to properly use Flash on a website

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