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How to Use Direct Mail to announce the company

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by Joe Keny

Direct mail marketing can be a cost-effective way to advertise your business if it is well done. Done wrong, you get a bad return for your money. Follow these steps to make sure your advertising is successful and beneficial for your business .

know your target market. You can have an expensive-looking advertising with an offer and get mediocre results. For example, most teenagers do not care if you just opened a new golf course and a sale at your shop. Before spending your money on marketing, you need to know the age, sex, location and the income of your target market .

decide what type of direct mail that you want use. Postcards are an inexpensive way to advertise and can be mailed for less cost than other mail. Letters work well for you with a professional community. High quality brochures and flyers can be catchy and have a better chance of being watched, rather than thrown in the trash .

Get a list. With a list of addresses you can do your own advertising. You can buy lists of companies such as France Info, which sells lists of businesses and consumers (see Resources below). A list of companies can be selected depending on type of business, number of employees, estimated sales volume and geography .

Advertise with a direct marketing company. These companies generally have a direct mail envelope mail with multiple ads from different companies. This type of marketing can cost less than advertising on your own. You need how many advertisers are in the envelope and if any of them are in direct competition with you .

Look for discounts. Direct mail companies and printers often offer promotions to win and keep customers. There are companies that have good site you can add little or no cost if you advertise in their direct mail package.
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