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Daydreaming how to use to organize your life

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 by Joe Keny

Have you tried to organize, but once you find your system of organization in? Uvre, it does not meet your needs or n ‘ is not as effective as you would have liked? And you do not have the time or desire to work on another? Or you simply do not know where to start? Everything begins in the creation of the mind. Use of your dreams through the possibilities is a shortcut to find the best ways of organizing .

Make a plan for a time and a place to dream of your session. Make sure the area you choose to do your own session, without the clutter and comfortable. An aesthetic setting allows your creativity to flow smoother.Select a region to work on first. For example, address a classification system for home or office records, a method of a private or a classification system for DVD. Topics such as these are specific enough to obtain good results. Too large a subject is immense .

prepare your Daydream Session: Have pen and paper handy, or work at your computer screen. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and your mind clear. Or if you prefer, focus your attention on an object in front of you and let your eyes soft. This means that your vision is somewhat blurry and your mind “sees” the images of your imagination more clearly that the physical image, the eyes are on .

Daydream: Start thinking about the ways of address your problem. Think about different methods, systems and structures. When you find one you need for you to try. How it works? You see its implementation. Are you able to implement in a timely fashion? Is it cost-effective? Or are there too expensive to buy supplies and maintained? Do you use it.

Does it run well? Does the system achieve its goal? Are there any complications? If yes, are there work-around? See the system in one year, five years, ten years or more. Is it still effective? Is there any need to be updated? Is this an update that can be integrated into the system now?

Do not feel like you need to continue with an idea that does not work. Proceed to the next idea. Take notes to improve your memory, but quickly return to your dream session .

Analyze your results: When you finish your session and is still fresh in your mind, write your system in as much detail as possible. Fill in your footnote. Analyze your system as you see now.

Do you think that any changes that should be taken? Are you satisfied with the results? Make a list of supplies you’ll need to set? Uvre your system. Set a target time. If you need to take action or seek further information, do so now. Keep all your information with your notes and refined .

Tweak: As you set your plan in motion, make any adjustments that you deem appropriate. Feel free to dream of other improvements.
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