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Ways to have best Hair

by Ann
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Today hair styles are simple and natural. After decades of over styling, we’ve come to a full circle and are letting our hair look natural. But making your tresses look effortlessly sexy is an art. Here are the 5 easy ways to make your hair look hot.Light colored hair

1. If your hair’s light coloured, more in the area of light brown, you are lucky. Its an incredibly rich and warm colour and reflects light beautifully. Make sure you maintain the shine of your hair with regular upkeep. Style brown hair well for dramatic results. If its poker straight, bring in a waves at the front. Or if its long, then add curls to it for special occasions. It will give your hair an exotic and sexy look.

Dark Brown or Black hair

2. If your hair’s dark brown or black, add dimensions to it to make it look glamorous. Go for highlights, but not too many, just towards the back and a few to give your face a spicy frame. Add waves to straight hair with streaks to show it off.

3. If your hair’s curly, make sure they are well conditioned and neverCurly hair frizzy. Leave-in conditioners are perfect, choose one that suits your hair type. Never brush out curly hair, leave it a bit messy. The idea is to make it look sexy and glamorously tousled, but never overstyled.

4. After you shampoo your hair, rinse it with a mix of black tea with 2 tbsp of lime. Wash off with cold water. Your hair will be squeaky clean and incredibly shiny.

5. Make it a point to nourish your hair with a hair pack. Nothing can beat the beauty of a healthy mane. Here’s the recipe for a mask you can make at home. Take an egg, beat it well. Add to it warm coconut oil, a dash of lime and 10 crushed curry leaves. Massage it well onto your scalp. Leave it till dry. Wash it off with a mild shampoo and plain water.

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