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Tips for Credit card

by Sue
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Credit CardsThe credit card companies implemented various measures to protect the credit card fraud. Right from paperless feature to SSL security measures the credit card companies faces several threats.

The credit card is billion-dollar business so every year many people face fraud. Despite of several measures taken by the credit card companies there are different faults at the customer end as well as careless handling can increase the possibilities of fraud. There are many possibilities of fraud against your credit card. You must remember some tips to get safety against the possible fraud.

1. The most important point for protection of credit card is disclosing the credit card number through various ways such as on the phone, email or over the website which does not provides SSL security. Always follow the security rules.

2. The second most important consideration is disclosing a PIN number. If your card getsCredit Cards stolen the person swipes the card as well as use at ATM. You must ensure that you never get sign blank credit card receipt.

3. You must have to monitor the regular statement of your credit card carefully. If you find any unknown figure please clarify with the customer care department for further scrutiny.

4. It is most important for you to put the credit card in the safer place. If you find your card gets stolen you must inform the credit card company immediately and close your credit card for further transactions.

5. To make the safety you must note down the credit card number with expiry date as well as company number. Incase your credit card stolen, you immediately inform the company.

Credit Cards

3 Responses to “Tips for Credit card”

  1. Roger Says:

    To deter fraud crimes all we have to do is to make signature and PIN systems reliable and foolproof as proposed on website

    Proposed KEY and PIN system will eliminate the need for us to protect our personal and card details since fraudsters will not get tempted to misuse them.

    Key and PIN system will deter virtually all types of fraud crimes including those Chip and PIN, data protection and biometric ID card systems will fail to deter.

    KEY and PIN system could be treated like international ID card since it will personalise signature and PIN to the right individual in any country in the world.

    We hope that the banks and government will exploit proposed system before it is too late to stop a fraud boom.

  2. samiullah Says:

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  3. promotional card printing Says:


    I think you have a lot knowledge of credit cards.

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