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We’re All “Great” - But Who Can Add Value?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
by Sck

By John Ernest Gray

Many professionals, lawyers in particular, are programmed to believe the “great” in their field are those with the sharpest mind, the most encyclopaedic knowledge or the highest grade point average.

Many firms claim it’s the breadth of their expertise, the quality of their work or their “greatness” that brings the client’s flooding in.

But the reality for most business and individual clients is that they have no means for determining who the greatest lawyer or accountant is. Especially when every firm in town is “committed to the highest levels of service and professionalism.”

Your clients are really interested in value. And I don’t mean price. I mean the value that you can demonstrate that you add to their business or personal situation.

So how do you demonstrate that you’re adding value? Here are a few simple examples:
Conveyancing - client kept informed, matter settles without fuss, client’s anxiety stays low.


Estate Planning - the family farm, a lifetime’s work, will stay “in the family”.
Family Law - a child friendly office, referrals to counsellors and other professionals
Business clients - on site visits, online document access, a folio of their key documents at hand.
Property - customised leases and contracts, knowing the site, fixed fee accountability on projects

My own clients will have heard me say we need to “show the client some love”. This is just my expression for summing up all the, often very minor, things we can do to demonstrate that not only are we “great” but that we want to add value to their business or personal situation.

If you have any questions about “client love” - you know who to ask, and look out for future “value” topics including my Top Tips for Communicating Value to your clients.

John Gray

Professional Services Marketer http://www.johngraymarketing.com.au

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Business Cards - Your True Blue Best Friend

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
by Sck

By Mary Theresa McLean

What would it mean to the profits of your business if your business card became your best friend?  You may find that it’s possibly one of the smartest and most profitable relationships you’ll ever make.  If you use your business cards everyday, you already know what I mean.

Like a true friend, business cards love to introduce you to others.

As an example, have you ever made a great new friend and the next thing you know, they’re inviting you over to meet their circle of family and friends?

Business cards do the same thing!

By extending your own friendly business card to a new contact or giving away the business card of a colleague or friend,  that card is simply saying “meet my friend, Bill” or “Cathy, I want you to get to know Martha - the products in her shop will make your life more fun and by the way, she’s been in business for over seven years!”  or best of all “I provide a service that can help you and we want to earn your business”.

Like a true friend, business cards love to tell others all about your good points.


You may not know this secret, but your friends love to tell others about you! Your “friendly business card” is no different. When you give someone your business card,  it gets right down to brass tacks and tells the other person:

the fine business you represent

the great service you’ll provide them

how easy it is to contact you

Like a true friend, business cards love to talk about the good things you do.

Business cards are just like a best friend.  They love to tell people the nice things you do for others, how reliable you are and how just knowing you will make them happier and their life easier.

People everywhere get truly excited when they meet a first class, genuinely nice person who was introduced to them by someone else ( in this case, your trusted business card).

Best of all, people really pay attention to what business cards have to say about you. Often times, they’ll ask for a second card and use it to introduce you to another and tell them about your good points.  And rave about all the good things you do!

Business cards are downright friendly, wouldn’t you agree?

Mary Theresa McLean helps people learn new ideas about business cards by sharing what she has discovered through dedicated research and asking questions. Find out more about how you can make your business cards more effective in your marketing at http://www.BusinessCardGifts.com

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Mistakes People Make When Choosing an Online Printing Company

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
by Sck

By Kaye Marks

So you have chosen to employ an online printing company for your printing purposes? That is great! Online printing is the way to go these days. It is quicker, more convenient and is the best option for people living a life perpetually in a busy state.

However, choosing an online printing company can be a task unto itself. In addition, since it is relatively simple to setup a website, the credibility of an online printing company is hard to judge based on its website alone.

A lot of people have been thoroughly impressed by online printing companies and their websites, only to be disappointed as their products are delivered.

Some people make bad judgments since it easy to make up a lot of stuff on the Internet these days. Therefore, to help you out, here are a few common mistakes people make when choosing an online printing company. Learn from these mistakes and you will be safely be printing online in no time.

Not looking thoroughly in search engines: I have several eureka moments in my research for online printing where I got the best price for quality products. These where the moments when I did not use the first five results I got from a search engine. Yes, you have to go through the search engine results thoroughly.

People make the awful mistake these days of just looking at the first page of the results. Yes, they may seem the most popular choices, but usually though they are also the most expensive.

Websites that are found on the top of the search engine results page often have the resources for search engine optimization and link building to get their sites way up on the list. Sometimes this cost will be passed to customers.

Therefore, you do not have to necessarily pick the top online printing companies on the list. Search the results thoroughly to about the third to fifth page if you can. This gives you a considerable amount of choices, which are popular, credible and hopefully cost effective.


Not researching for references or testimonials: Some people think that an online printing company’s website is where all the information they need is located. However, there are other resources that you can tap to make sure that an online printing company is good, efficient and above all “real.”

Check printing forums, for testimonials on who us the best printing company to use.

Look for references in blogs where they write about a good online printing experience. Look for posts that have references to printing companies. These indirect resources give you the “word on the street” view of online printing. If you do not research this type of wisdom, you may be stuck with a boastful but low quality printer. Worse, a fake one might scam you.

Looking at the prices only: When people shop online, most just look at the prices. When looking for online printing companies, people do this as well. In fact, they usually make the mistake in judging an online printing company using only the prices they advertise. This is wrong. If you only want to look at the price, you might get disappointed.

Of course, like in most cases, cheap does not equal quality. You may have saved several hundred dollars in printing, but when the products are delivered, you may be stuck with substandard prints.

There goes your printing investment down the drain. To ensure that this does not happen, do not just look at the prices or quotes. Compare it with the company’s quality, speed and other services. Make sure they all balance out to give your dollar’s worth in printing.

You should watch out when choosing your online printing company for those mistakes. Be always cautious and do not believe everything you read on a company’s website. Always try to research to get the information on the best online printing company.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments of technologies in a [http://www.printplace.com]printing company and the [http://www.printplace.com]online printing industry.

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Promotional Umbrellas - A Symbol of Protection

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
by Sck

By Imogen Brown

For an unusual gift, take a look at promotional umbrellas. This is a gift that can convey a number of thoughts. First, it says someone cares enough to select a gift a person can use, to stay dry on a rainy day.

Second, someone took enough time to think about gifts and choose something that is special. Third, the umbrella is a symbol of protection.

For an insurance company, a bank, a medical facility, or other customer care provider, the promotional umbrella is a great choice for a gift or incentive. Other little items are readily available, but how many people actually go out and purchase an umbrella? It is an item that many skip, preferring to dodge the raindrops.

But, if there is an umbrella nearby, they will use it in a hurry. If you live in a humid, rainy geographical area, an umbrella is needed. Even in a sunny spot, people grab an umbrella to shade themselves from the heat and bright sunlight.


So, for an unusual advertising campaign, include promotional umbrellas. The cost is fairly inexpensive, and there are many styles from which to choose. Short, collapsible handle umbrellas, to oversize golf umbrellas are available, and you can choose combination colors for the material and for any text or imprint.

The umbrella has a large fabric platform to hold any company name or product logo.

There are large beach, mini, fancy fashion, bubble styles, vented, sun, and plain stick umbrellas. The smaller ones run about $5 each with minimum quantities of only a dozen, and up.

Larger ones are $5 to $15, and the very large patio umbrellas may be about $48. Still, for a nice advertising gift, employee perk, or corporate thank you, the promotional umbrellas will make outstanding and memorable promotional items.

Imogen Brown is the marketing manager for Clickpromogifts one of the UK’s premier suppliers of [http://www.clickpromogifts.co.uk]promotional umbrellas and custom printed [http://www.clickpromogifts.co.uk/umbrellas-dept2.html]promotional umbrellas.

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How to Avoid the Failure of Your Solo Advertising Campaign

Monday, February 16th, 2009
by Sck

By  Adrian Jock

Despite what your guru may tell you about how easy is to get a nice profit by simply copying and pasting a pre-written solo ad found in the members area of the program you just joined, the reality is totally different.

No one ever became wealthy by doing almost nothing (copying & pasting some solo ads). Not even your guru! Except for the heirs of the wealthy people …

Before you start any new solo advertising campaign, be sure that you follow some simple principles:


1. Tell the truth in your solo ads and don’t mislead the readers.People don’t like the deceivers.

2. Write an attention grabbing subject line for your solo ad.No one will open a solo ad that has a subject line that says nothing. Like “Check this out”.

3. Don’t copy and paste a pre-written solo ad that you don’t know whether is good or not or whether people are already bored to see it again and again. You’re not the only one who is told to copy that solo ad. Every new member is given the same wrong advice.

4. Double check your spelling. Grammatical errors are not your friends. If your credibility is affected, what result do you think you’ll got?

5. Don’t hide youself by not adding a signature to your solo ad. If no one is signing that ad where a certain thing is recommended, why do you think that the reader will trust such recommendation?

6. Learn what words to avoid in your ad copy so that your solo ad not to be blocked by spam filters. Don’t assume that many publishers are willing and able to help you.

7. Test different solo ads so that to see which one is better. Then start your actual solo advertising campaign using the ad that got the better results. Never forget to use an ad tracker.

8. Choose carefully who will publish your solo ad. There is a jungle out there. There are professionals, but also amateurs and even scammers. An amateur or a scammer may simply destroy your advertising campaign.

Adrian Jock publishes Ezine Advertising Info Newsletter, an ezine dedicated to help ezine advertisers succeed. To subscribe free to his ezine, just click on this link: http://www.adsmarket.biz/newsletter.html To check recent ezine articles written by Adrian, check his blog: http://www.ezineads.info

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