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Elements of a good logo - business branding

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
by Sck

They come in so many different shapes and styles. Just think for a moment about how many companies have a logo for their brand? I’m sure you can name enough to cover all ten fingers in the span of a few seconds.

No matter where you go there are logos everywhere, and with this massive number comes countless different varieties. And yet, all of them have a few basic elements in common. At least, all the successful ones do, and in order to make your logo work, you need to know why all of the others have done such a great job at establishing a company.

First, and by far most importantly of all, you need to make a memorable design. Not that simple, is it? How do make a memorable design?

Keep things basic. Take a moment to look at some of those logos you know of. Car logos are a prime example because every car has one embedded on it. What do all these logos have in common? Each of them has a very simple look, usually made from only a few lines or a single image, and that’s all.

This simplicity helps a person to easily remember what the logo looks like. It also makes your logo immediately recognizable. A complicated image won’t be as easy to spot as a sleek, simple design.

A great logo is also something that can be altered to fit anything it needs to. After all, you should be sure to put your logo on everything you can, including your color printing, your building, and any free items you might want to hand out.

Next comes coloring. There are a lot of logos that have a specific color theme, but something to note is that the color shouldn’t be necessary for the logo to be effective. What does this mean?

Take the Target logo as an example. The logo is simple and reflects the name of the company: it’s a mini bulls eye. Now, the typical color scheme is solid red, but if you alter the color, such as make it blue, it doesn’t take anything away from the logo itself. It remains an easily recognizable bulls eye. The same goes for Microsoft’s windows logo. While it’s given multiple colors, even if you look at it in black and white you can still recognize the logo and the company.

Design your logo without any color in mind, and get an image that works great no matter what color it is. That way if you’re using color printing you can be sure to put on a colorful logo and if you’re using plain printing your logo will still work in black and white.

As simple as most logos are, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to design. Sometimes the simplistic things can be the hardest to get right, but if you know what makes a logo great, you’ll be on the right track to make a memorable one for your company’s image.

About the Author

For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Color Printing

Article Directory: http://www.articlerich.com

Avoiding Back Pain

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
by Sck

Back aches are frequent problems for more or less everyone. Just about anybody could suffer from back pain at some point in life, back ailments can be caused by any number of things: present injuries, past injuries, or dormant previous injuries that were caused by lifting something too heavy, playing sports, or simply because of age complications. Because of said injuries, the quest for back lumbar support becomes imperative when day in and day out back pain negatively imposes itself on everyday tasks.

There are many factors that contribute to back pain and spinal suffering such as age, and past injuries. Between the ages of thirty and forty a high percentage of people begin to experience difficulties with their backs and these difficulties could stem from a number of different reasons, whether it be because of lack of physical fitness and exercise or your diet. It has been proven that people who live an active lifestyle and who maintain a level of physical fitness generally have significantly less back problems. Your diet also affects immensely your health as a whole because sometimes exercising is just not enough to maintain a healthy weight in order to prevent weight-caused-strains on your back.
People, who have occupational back risks due to on the job heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting or vibrating of the spine because of machinery operations, are frequently chief causes of many long term injuries and perpetual back pain. Sitting in an office chair all day can also be a primary cause of many back pains this is because of poor posture, or gradual compression of the spine.
Like previously stated, certain types of exercise can positively assist you in the ridding of back issues. Some possible exercises are, but are not limited to: Tai Chi, Yoga, or simple free weights. These exercises, accompanied by a healthy diet, keep you body physically strong and nutritionally healthy which helps you to avoid back pain due to excess weight pressure and stress on your back, and your strengthened muscles will aid your spine with support.
Doctors frequently tell their patience the importance of practicing proper posture during the day and at night. And with that advice, the Better Sleep Pillow is precisely the instrument you need to assist you in maintaining proper posture and weight distribution for your back and neck. This memory foam sleep pillow is specially designed to help facilitate perfect spinal alignment despite which sleep position you prefer. The pillow caters to your sleep preferences as well as reduces the pain in your back and neck or will prevent pain you may be in line to suffer from in the future.
Back pain and discomfort is a widespread problem for nearly everyone, but it is not one that should be tampered with or tolerated because there are solutions and remedies to help you take care of your back. The Sleep Better Pillow is capable of delicately and intricately shaping itself around your head, neck and shoulders. Regardless of your sleep position preference, this pillow helps distribute your weight equally enabling your spine to remain properly aligned and comfortable all night long significantly reducing your back pain.

About the Author

If you wish to learn more regarding back pain and the Better Sleep Pillow as your remedy you can visit our website at http://www.bettersleeppillow.com/Pete Cannon is a freelancer journalist and editor, schooled in health, orthopedic pillows and sleep disorders, and has 7 years of experience in those fields. He has writen many articles specializing in writing web content and newsletter articles for several companies.

Article Directory: http://www.articlerich.com

Buy Beauty Products That Offer the Most Benefits

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
by Sck

By Vikram kuamrWomen want to look young and feel vibrant. As a matter of fact, most ladies buy beauty products that stop the early signs of aging just to maintain supple and glowing skin. If you want to get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead, there are several beauty items available for you in the market. You can find these in beauty shops within your local area and in malls. On the other hand, you can also find beauty product retailers on the Internet. It is up to you where you want to purchase your beauty supplies. The only thing you should remember is that you have to be careful in choosing the best product.

There are some women who fear of being labeled as vain just because they do not want to appear old. It does not matter what other people say about you. As long as you are thinking about your own welfare and the things you are doing benefit you, you do not have to mind the opinion of other people. This goes especially if your skin is on the line. Caring for your skin is very important. If you neglect to care of your face and your skin, you will end up getting wrinkles at an early age. Or else, you will develop skin problems. To avoid these incidences, find beauty products that are beneficial for you.

When looking into an endless selection of beauty supplies, there are some things that you have to remember. Make sure that the product does not contain harmful ingredients. These include alcohol-based, petroleum-based, and chemically-based compounds. Look into the back label of the product to know its formulation. If you do not know the ingredient or it is hard for you to say it aloud, this implies that you have to search for another beauty item. There are several beauty products that are formulated with natural ingredients, those that are taken from natural herb extracts. Also, you can also obtain tips on how to make your own all-natural beauty product.

There are different types of beauty supplies from the hair down to the feet. For your hair, you can take a pick from shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, and hair mousse. When it comes to your face, you can choose from face creams, peel masks, moisturizers, powders, toners, facial scrubs. You can buy hand and body lotions for your entire body. For some women, they visit their favorite spa for a massage and therapeutic body wrap. There are also beauty products for the feet such as foot scrubs and foot lotion. What is more, you can purchase items that lets you get rid of common skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

The market is filled with thousands of retailers that are selling beauty products. Some of these sellers are running their businesses locally. You can find several beauty shops within your area or in the nearest mall. Or you can order beauty items online. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that are offering women a wide range of items that enhance the glow and radiance of their skin. In order for you to determine which shop is capable of providing you with reliable products, look into their years of service. The longer the online store has been in the market, the lesser is the chance of getting scammed of your money.

One online store that sells beauty supplies is Alternative Beauty. It offers quality beauty items and care tips. Its items are categorized according to skin care products, hair care products, and beauty accessories.
There are different types of beauty supplies from the hair down to the feet. For all your Beauty Products needs, search no further. Alternative Beauty is just a click of the mouse away.

Article Source: http://www.free-articles-zone.com/author/16531

Weight Gain During Menopause: Causes and Solutions

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
by Sck

Seem to be putting on a few extra pounds lately? You’re not alone. During menopause, the majority of women find they either gain weight or have trouble staying at their usual weight, even when their eating and exercise habits are the same. Find out why it happens and what you can do about it.

How menopause weight gain is unique
Throughout most of life, women tend to gain weight around the hips and thighs. Once a woman enters perimenopause, though, fat tends to collect around the stomach area instead. Women who start menopause early have particular trouble with rapid weight gain. The good news is this struggle with weight will most likely end once you hit your mid-60s.

The first thing to understand is that it’s not all your fault. It’s not a sign you’ve been sleep-walking to the refrigerator every night. Even if you’re more careful about what you eat and start working out, you could still end up putting on a little belly fat. And losing weight during menopause can seem next to impossible.

The reason? Yes, you guessed: those good old hormones. Fluctuating levels of female hormones affect your appetite and the way your body stores fat. The main reason is that your body has started actively working to pack on fat. With your ovaries producing less estrogen, your body starts looking for other places to produce the hormone. Since fat cells can also produce estrogen, your body puts extra effort into turning calories into fat so there will be more room to produce estrogen.

The most effective thing you can do to keep the weight off is to make sure your lifestyle isn’t promoting weight gain. Have you put your exercise routine on the back burner? If so, schedule in a little time for exercise if you need to. As we age, muscle tends to be replaced with fat, so exercise is even more important during the menopause years. It will also ward off osteoporosis. Keep a close eye on your eating habits, too. With an increased appetite, it’s easy to nibble a little here and a little there without noticing how much you’ve eaten. A food diary can help you keep track.

A diet plan to control menopause weight gain
Following a healthy diet plan for weight gain during menopause can help you stay trim and feeling good. Your first step should be to minimize the amount of fatty foods you eat. Ideally, no more than 20% of your daily calories should come from fat and these should be from like olive oil, nuts, and avocados.

A recent study done through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Medical Program also found that taking a calcium/vitamin D supplement can help menopausal women keep the weight off.

Weight gain during menopause is a problem just about every woman faces. Frustrating as it is, rest assured that it’s just a temporary annoyance caused by hormone fluctuation. To make sure the problem doesn’t get out of hand, though, follow a healthy diet and exercise at least half an hour a day.

About the Author: Visit my website for more information about natural menopause remedies

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5 Ways to Use a Wiki Group to Help You Get More Organized

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
by Sck


Author: Maurice”>http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/maurice-tjerk/77374.htm”>Maurice Tjerk
Wikis are not a new concept, but right now they are catching on like wildfire, and for good reason too. Wikis, which can be described as personal web pages that allow users to modify, create and edit content are a great way to stay in touch with your friends, find like-minded people, create online communities and share your ideas with the whole world. Since you get to create your own Wiki, you can do so for any purpose that you want. In fact many people have started using Wikis to organize their lives better and you can do it too by creating your own Wiki.

A Wiki is your own personal space on the Internet and you get to choose whom you want to share it with. Sharing it with friends and family members with whom you share activities and time can greatly help you in structuring your life and time.  Five ways in which having your own Wiki can help you get more organized and streamlined are:

1.    Stay In Touch With Your Group: Most people are part of some group activity. Suppose you create a Wiki group with all the members of your sports team, book club or adventure club. Having your own Wiki group online will let all members keep each other updated about the latest events and activities. You can always go to your group Wiki and check out when you are supposed to meet next, what you plan to do and check who is coming and who is not.

2.    Work On A Project Together: A Wiki group can be a great help for people who are working together on a project. You could be a school or college student or even a professional who is working with others on a common project. Having your own project, a Wiki lets all members work together on the project by giving their ideas and inputs without being at the same location. You can always check upon what your group has done and make your contributions as and when you have the time instead of having to spend hours with your project group when you could spend it more productively somewhere else.

3.    Manage Your Family Life: Being the head of a family can be a tough job. However, having your own family Wiki can help make it easier because you can assign other family members tasks and keep you up to date with their progress by using the Wiki. You can maintain your own to do list on the Wiki and let others add to it or tick off items when they’re done!

4.    Organize An Event: If you are into organizing events or even if you are organizing a single one, say a graduation party, then having your own Wiki can be an immense help. All the people involved can post and inform you about whether they are coming or not and who all they are planning to bring along. You can create a Wiki group for the organizers where you can discuss your list of things to do while being at separate locations. If it is a family party you are organizing, you can ask everyone to post details of when they are arriving, where they are planning to stay and for how many days so that you may plan better.

5.    Get Help From Your Peers: There are a number of times when you need help from others to perform better at your job or at school. Having friends monitor your performance can be a great motivator. If you are working on a project and you share it on your Wiki, you don’t only have friends, but experts who can tell you about how to do it better and provide hints and ideas. You can easily use your Wiki as a brainstorming tool where others can not only provide ideas and inspiration, but also provide feedback about what you have achieved so far.

Before you start setting up a Wiki for personal use, keep in mind that everyone may view your content so be courteous with sharing too much personal information!

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/time-management-articles/5-ways-to-use-a-wiki-group-to-help-you-get-more-organized-538283.html

About the Author:

A wiki/”>http://www.intodit.com”>Wiki group service is the easiest way to start a Wiki without hosting it yourself.

To start your own personal Wiki for free, visit: http://www.intodit.comhttp://www.intodit.comhttp://www.intodit.com”>http://www.intodit.com>

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