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A Clear Vision In The Digital World

Friday, November 30th, 2007
by Ann

There are lot of accessories available for digital cameras. Few of them are essential to capture perfect images and to keep your camera in good conditions. Few of them are considered here:

  • Cleaning Kit

Digital CameraIt is a must to keep your camera dust free and dirt free to have longer life. A cleaning kit does not cost a lot of money but; it sure can come in handy if the lens gets dirty. Never use anything not meant for camera to clean it. A blower brush and swabs will help you to clean your lens or camera parts in the right way. Always go for a cleaning kit when you need to clean your camera.

  • Extra Lens Cap

Lenses are the most sensitive part of any camera. Lenses are subject to scratch or damage if not cared well. An extra lens cap will help you to keep your lens scratch free even if you loose the one you have.

  • Camera Bag

Camera bag is a must to carry your camera. Use the one made for your camera as it may fit tight it it. Prefer the one with extra rooms for accessories like battery, lenses etc…

  • Lens Shade

Most middle to high-end digital cameras support a lens shade, also called a lens hood, that attaches to the lens of the camera, for shielding it from sunlight. Lens shades have to be screwed on correctly or photos end up showing black areas around the corners.

  • UV Filter

A UV filter can help prevent ultraviolet rays from getting into the digital camera lens, sometimes resulting in better photographs, especially if you take a lot of outdoor photos. It can also help prevent your lens from getting scratched or damaged. UV filters cover your digital camera lens, meaning scratches may only affect the filter.

  • Mini-Flashlight

A mini flash light is a useful accessory when you need to capture images where there are no enough light. A small flashlight can be the difference between taking a great shot and wasting time with no adequate light.

  • Add-On Lens

If your digital camera supports add-on lenses, you may want to consider purchasing these devices. Add on lenses are made for different zoom levels. To capture clear images add on lenses are a great help.

  • Extra Memory Card

Extra memory card will help you with enough storage space even when you go for a long trip. An extra card could help you to capture and store images without deleting any image from your camera or thestorage you already use.

  • Card Reader

Card reader is used to transfer images from your camera or a memory card to a computer or a printer. Having a card reader is an added advantage as you can easily interchange data between your camera and a computer.

General Photography Tips

  • How to hold camera

Hold the camera solidly in your hand to prevent the camera from shuddering or shifting too much when pressing on the shutter button, and watch your spare fingers so that they don’t interfere with the lens. Take care to not shake the camera while you capture an image.

  • How to focus

As digital cameras have a tendency to take slightly longer to focus than film camera, an important tip is to half-depress the shutter button until the camera has had time to lock the focus, and then completely press the button to take the actual shot - this can often make the difference between blurry, out-of-focus shots, and clear pictures. Also, with normal picture-taking, shutter speeds are fast enough that a small amount of shake will not affect the resulting image much.

  • How to preview

One of the main advantages of a digital camera is being able to preview the pictures after you have taken them. If you are trying to capture a specific scene, you can review the shot and see if it looks the way you wanted. if it doesn’t, you can delete the shot and retake it to get it right. Delete the pictures which are blurry or out of focus.

Airplane Earplugs For The Constant Fliers!

Friday, November 30th, 2007

EarplugAirplanes are the most comfortable transportation available today. But for some people travelling in an airplane is a worse experience as it causes severe ear pain. Aircraft interior is subjected to rapid pressure changes and this of course may trouble your ears. The other factor that may trouble your ears is the noise produced by the engines of airplane. If you are seated at the rear you may be disturbed by the voice produced by the massive engines of airplane

The most effective way of saving your ears from the changing pressure and the voice inside airplanes, is to use an earplug. Ear plugs offer the safest, most reliable solution to ear pain. Earplugs work by slowing the movement of air into and out of the outer ear, giving your inner ear more time to adjust to the changes in air pressure often experienced during flight. Various kinds of earplugs are available fitting for different purposes. Earplugs also reduce the noise level, for a more comfortable flying experience.

If air pressure during flight is your priority, ear plugs are the best choice for protecting your ears. These can help prevent the uncomfortable pressure changes experienced during an airplane journey. If airplane noise is your main issue, it is recommendable to use a noise reduction earphone. These earphones are great at reducing the irritation of engine and wind noises.

  • Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs

Pressure reducing ear plugs reduce the painful effects of rapid pressure changes by controlling the rate at which changing pressure is applied to the eardrum, giving your ears time to adjust naturally. Ear plugs relieve air pressure or pain during take-offs and landings. There are various earplugs available in the market. Ear plugs known as ‘Ear Planes’ are popular among the pressure reducing ear plugs.

  • ‘Airplane Ear’

The discomfort associated with an air travel is known as ‘Airplane Ear’ also called barotrauma or barotitis media. Airplane ear is caused by rapid changes in altitude and air pressure. This condition is usually a minor annoyance and may result in temporary ear pain and hearing loss

  • ANR Ear Plugs

Active Noise Reduction ear plugs are called ANR plugs. This type of ear plugs are manufactured mainly for airplane travellers. ANR, unlike the Passive Noise Reduction which is just blocking sound with a bulky, closed headphone, or use of earplugs in the ear canal produce an opposite sound wave to the ear which in effect, lessens the loudness of the offending droning noise. If you’re in an environment with a steady, low droning sound such as an airplane engine ANR headphones can be helpful, because they reduce the offending noise allows you to listen to music or movies at a normal volume.

Now, enjoy your next flight with this trendiest gadget available in the market.

Wedding Etiquette

Friday, November 30th, 2007
by Ann

Wedding EtiquetteAs you get all set to be married and start off a new home, there are certain dream gifts that you would love to receive and certain needs that need to be fulfilled. This is a phenomenon that’s neither new nor wrong in any manner. But do our loved ones really know of our needs and desires. And if they don’t, how can we help them. An online registry can be a very practical and convenient way of providing assistance to our loved ones.Often newly weds find it difficult to dispose off the extra household items that they recieve. No doubt chinaware and the likes are old time favourites. But in the new century we find that the online wedding registeries reflecting that practicality is the most important factor driving the newly weds today. Supremacy given to everyday luxury further coroborates this fact.

According to a recently held survey, the wedding regusteries aren’t just filled up with formal items, but it seems the newly weds are looking to have some fun too. Items that helps one give a spruced up look their new home are increasingly becoming a part of the registeries. Some couples have shown inclination to lay the emphasis on daily use items than the formal ones. From tosters to beds and linens, you name it and you’d find them in the registry. But for sure they adventure, and exotic breed of couples is growing too.

So if you are planning to take that walk down the aisle, and before that planning to set up a wedding registry, then here are a few tips that would surely come in handy:

  • To start things off always know what is it that you are looking for. Knowing your priorities will really make things simple for you.
  • Jot down those things that you need to spruce up and set up your home.
  • Once you have the list of items, now get down to those ones that you dream of getting them as gifts.
  • The place settings that couples usually need isn’t more than a dozen.
  • Giving a wider price band can help your guests decide the gift according to their own budget and helps by not putting them through any inconvenience.
  • Also a wider choice and range can be of great help too.
  • Keep refering and updating the registry, and keep removing the gifts that you have already recieved.

Tips for Outdoor Wedding

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings unlike indoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. But you have to face more challenges to make it a successful event. Here are few tips which will help you in managing an outdoor wedding.

  • Main point for an outdoor wedding is the weather conditions. Arrangements should be done according to the weather conditions so that there is no inconvenience to your guests. If it is hot weather then make sure that you rent a tent for the occasion.
  • For an outdoor wedding plan, there should be a back-up plan always because even after ideal planning or arrangements weather might change and spoil all your arrangements.
  • If your wedding is to be done in windy conditions then it is better to avoid light fabrics for your wedding gown. Plan your hairstyle in such a way that it is easily manageable.
  • If you are planning for a beach wedding then make sure that you rent a sound system for the occasion so that there is no problem in hearing.
  • With the natural beauty surrounding there is little need for you to decorate the venue but still ensure that the landscaping of the venue is in good shape. If you still want to decorate then you can select a simple floral decoration for the venue.
  • Make sure that menu is according to the theme and inform your caterer that you are having an outdoor wedding so that he could manage the food and beverages according to the outdoor temperatures.
  • Make sure that there is plenty of ice and water supply to your venue. Alcohols are often dehydrating so there should be variety of teas, punches and lemonades served also. Try new and refreshing cocktails like mojito or mint julep for your guests.
  • It is better to inform your out-of-town guests about their hotel accommodations, travel plans and the weather conditions in advance.

Best Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Wedding Ceremony

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Wedding CeremonyWeddings how wonderful occasions they are. They bring together friends, family, loved ones and just about everyone. Wedding is a time of joy and celebration. This is a time you can have a great time with everyone, and having so many of your close ones makes the occasion a very special one.But it is very possible that having so many loved ones at one place and having the responsibility of being a very gracious host to each one of them is a little stressful. Making sure that everyone is taken well care of and that your warm hospitality is extended to each one present is at best tough and at worse a nightmare.

But there are certain small things and tips that can really be of great help as you get your act together.

  • Plan a pre-wedding dinner

There is every possibility of some relatives attending the wedding who’ve never met each other before. There I bound to be some difficulty in breaking the between such guests. But that doesn’t mean that they are left out in the cold. A pre-wedding dinner, say about a couple of days prior to the wedding is a great way of get all your relatives nice and comfortable with each other. This would also help you get know and understand their tastes. And can also give you a sneak peak into how is it going to be on the wedding night. The best way to handle everything perfectly is to be prepared and organized. The more organized you are the easier it will be for you.

  • Plan some entertainment for kids

Handling the kids can be another tricky issue. They need to be given enough freedom to have fun and at the same time more freedom will only make them run amok. So if you are expecting plenty of kids, then it is better advised to have some entertainment planned for them.

  • Have a personal touch

Talking to your guests personally, just enquiring about the food and hospitality will surely make them feel much better. Being composed at all times is another way of beating the stress. Always remember that thinking with a composed mind you are more likely to handle a situation than otherwise.

One final but important tip. One mantra of surely being able to avoid unnecessary stress on your wedding night is to be as organized as you can be. The more prepared you are the less are the chances of you bumping into an unwelcome situation.

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